Burlingame Saddle Club to host draft horse pull


Draft horse teams liked this pair of Belgian mares are getting conditioned this week for a draft horse pull, 6 p.m. Saturday, June 14, at the Burlingame Saddle Club arena.

Another special attraction is planned by the Burlingame Saddle Club. The club is having its first draft horse pull at 6 p.m. Saturday, June 14, at the club’s arena, located at 829 S. Rodeo Drive, Burlingame.

With successful annual rodeos, regular trail rides and other events involving horse enthusiasts in Osage County and beyond, the active horse group has been considering bringing back the once very popular big horse pulling event, and logistics have finally come together to make it a reality.

“A horse pull is an elimination contest between teams of big horses weighing often more than a ton apiece pulling thousands of pounds of dead weight, typically salt blocks, 15 feet,” explained Pat Rusher, saddle club official.

“The successful team moves on to the next round until there are only two teams left, and the winner of that last round is declared the champion,” she said.

In decades gone by, many communities in the state conducted such annual competitions, with a major contest always at the Mid America Fair in Topeka. Today, there are still some draft horse pulls far and few between, but the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson during September continues to host a major contest drawing top teams from throughout the Midwest.

“Come to Burlingame Saturday evening, June 14, and witness the power of these noble giants as they compete for prize money and bragging rights,” Rusher welcomed.

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