Friday the 13th, a lucky day to roar into Quenemo

In a whirl of dust and with a dull roar, more than 100 bikers and riders rolled into Quenemo this afternoon in celebration of Friday the 13th. Quenemo Pride is host of the celebration and offered a pulled pork sandwich meal, 11 a.m. until evening, as a fundraiser for the organization. Downtown Quenemo once had a reputation for the impromptu biker parties that occurred on Friday the 13th, until the parties were banned by the governor in 1981. Quenemo Pride revived the gathering as a peaceable community celebration a couple of years ago. Bikers are invited as is everyone in the community to gather at the community center and city park, to socialize, dance, listen to the music served up by a DJ, and enjoy a nice spring evening in Quenemo.


Not a parking spot left under shade trees at Quenemo City Park Friday afternoon after more than 100 motorcycles rolled into town.


A biker u-turns today in Quenemo’s downtown. Old timers tell that past biker rallies, banned in 1981, filled this street with motorcycles, bikers and rowdiness.


Bikes line the street today during Quenemo Pride’s Friday the 13th celebration.

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