Letter to Editor: SOS’s visitation center celebrates 15 years with party

Dear Editor:

The SOS Child Visitation and Exchange Center (CVEC) is turning 15! Since opening in 1999, the CVEC has provided approximately 19,000 safe visits and exchanges to families needing a safe, neutral environment for parent-child visitations or exchanges.

What is child visitation? Child visitation is usually an hour long and games, books and toys are provided. This time is for children to spend with their parent, regardless of the parents’ relationship. A staff member observes the visit and ensures safety.

What is a monitored exchange? A monitored exchange is the transfer of a child from one parent to another without conflict or violence. The transfer takes place in a neutral and child-friendly atmosphere, ensuring the safety and well-being of the child.

Supervised visitation and monitored exchanges allow children to maintain contact and relationships with parents who may have been abusive to a partner or children, have substance abuse issues, or have other issues that require visitation in a safe, controlled setting.

In honor of the CVEC birthday, SOS is hosting a Family Fun Night from 6 to 8:30 p.m., Sunday, June 22, at the Bowyer Community Building, Emporia. Parents and their children can enjoy family-friendly activities such as chalking, balloon animals, crafts, bubbles, snow cones and watch a movie outdoors on the big screen!

Deb Schneider
SOS Child Visitation and Exchange Center Director

One Response to Letter to Editor: SOS’s visitation center celebrates 15 years with party

  1. voice of truth says:

    SOS is an agency that says it's an agency of equality and open to help all those in need of its services yet all you have to do is look at many of the posters in are county and you will see that SOS is an agency that popetuates the myth that in all domestic issues that men are the agressers and that women are always the victim .This way of thinking is not only wrong and sexually discrimative it sets the tone for the so many false allegations for women against men in domestic cases.It expresses the view that all men are presumed guilty simply for being men any time the police are called! Not only that if a women has been unfaithful, abusive to her significant other or children all she has to do is walk in or call SOS and make false allegations against a man and from that day forward with friends and neighbors alike he must prove he isn't a aduser. Yet explain why he can't see his children and why he has a restraining order. On him self if he isn't such an aduser. The truth is SOS is an agency that if a women wants the kids in a separation there a one stop shop on the road to accomplishing it through discrediting a father through false aligations ,isolation,establishing a false history of violence which will undoubtedly be the back of the women's custody case.so to all those fathers out there in this situation remember you are not alone we need to stand together against these sexually discriminating agency's.

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