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KDHE announces orphan tire cleanup program

TOPEKA, Kan. – The Kansas Department of Health and Environment Bureau of Waste Management has announced the Orphan Tire Cleanup Program designed to foster increased collection of abandoned waste tires. The program’s goal is to assist in offsetting the associated costs experienced by local governments to properly dispose of collected tires. The tires must have been accumulated by removing them from roadways, ditches, rivers and streams or abandoned by someone other than the property owner on private property.

To receive reimbursement, a county or city must provide written certification that the waste tires were only accumulated from illegally dumped or abandoned tires. Tires must be accumulated in a secure central location owned by the city or county and approved by BWM. All necessary steps should be taken to control mosquitoes and other disease vectors during the accumulation period. Reimbursement will be processed on a monthly basis for any tire disposal expenses, when submitted on the one-page KDHE form along with receipts from the disposal company.

Claimants must use a BWM permitted waste tire transporter and disposal or recycling facility to receive reimbursement. Contact KDHE for assistance with locating a permitted waste tire transporter and disposal or recycling facility. For more information, contact Tim Wilson at 785-296-1757 or by e-mail at [email protected].

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