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Burlingame accepts bids for downtown buildings’ demolition

The demolition of two buildings at 107 and 109 E. Santa Fe Ave., in Burlingame, is expected to occur in April after the city council approved bids for the work this week. The building at 105 E. Santa Fe Ave., right, is not part of the demolition project, although it is under a city order to repair or demolish it.

BURLINGAME-The demolition of two buildings in downtown Burlingame appears to be imminent after the Burlingame City Council approved two bids Tuesday.

A bid of $3,280 from Jacobson’s Asbestos Company, Wakarusa, for the removal of asbestos from the buildings at 107 E. Santa Fe Ave. and 109 E. Santa Fe Ave. was accepted, along with another bid of $35,820 from Jay Butterfield, Burlingame, for demolition.

According to Burlingame City Clerk Patti Gilbert, a small amount of asbestos was found in the buildings during earlier testing, including duct and pipe coverings, ceilings and linoleum flooring.

The demolition and asbestos removal plans have been forwarded to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for approval, which is expected to take at least 10 days. Gilbert estimated the demolition start date will be April 9.

The condition of the buildings has been scrutinized by the city for several years, with the current demolition proceedings ongoing for more than a year.

Another building, at 105 E. Santa Fe Ave., is also under an order from the city for repair or demolition, but it is not part of the current demolition plan.

Burlingame City Council members Rosie Parker, Vikki DeMars and James Nelson approved the bids during the 9:30 a.m. March 26 special council meeting called for the purpose of considering the bids. Council members Carolyn Strohm and Carolyn Lee were absent.

Earlier in March, Burlingame resident Eileen Smith asked the Osage County Commission to intervene in the proposed demolition of the buildings, citing their historical value to the town and county. She noted the buildings’ location on the Santa Fe Trail, and Burlingame’s history as part of trade and commerce along the trail.

Commissioners advised Smith that they could not intervene in the city’s plans for demolition, but encouraged her to continue to seek developers or private funding to renovate the buildings. See related story here.

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