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Filings in Osage County Courthouse June 23 – June 27

The following information was compiled from the records at the Osage County Courthouse June 23 through June 27, 2014.

Domestic Cases

Jennifer Renee Ragan v. Travis Alan Ragan. Petition for divorce. Filed 6/23/14. 14DM112

State of Kansas Children and Families v. Kristine Nichols. Support. Filed 6/15/14. 14DM114

State Tax Lien

State of Kansas v. William F. Parks. State tax lien. Filed 6/24/14. Amount: $1,775.29. 14ST47

Civil Cases

EverBank v. Loren D. McCann Jr. and Roseanne R. McCann. Mortgage foreclosure. Filed 6/25/14. Amount: $71,364.68, interest, costs and other. 14CV52

Lyndon State Bank v. John Samples. Mortgage foreclosure. Filed 6/26/14. Amount: $170,856.72, interest, costs and other. 14CV53


International Centers Worldwide Inc. to Jeffrey J. Harris. Lot 1, Wanamaker Road, Subdivision.

Osage County Sheriff to Secretary of VA. Lots 5-7, Block C, Tucker Subdivision “D” Carbondale.

Marilyn Jean Rivera and Janice Marie Rogers to Colstrom Family Trust. Even Lots 16-20 and E 12.5’ Lot 22, Block 5, Dodd’s and Martin’s Addition, Osage City.

Mal Nyon Fauchier to Christopher W. Smith. Even Lots 6-24, Block 23 and Part Block 24, Original Vassar.

FHLM to Michael P. Biggs and Vicki L. Biggs. Tract NE fr ¼ 6-16-16.

Bryan Davidson and Melinda A. Davidson to Spencer D. Stromgren and Stacy L. Stromgren. W ½ Lots 26 and all Even Lots 28-34, Block 25, Original Osage City.

Irmgard G. Pryor and Gudrun H. Pryor to George W. House and Lea Jean House. Tract NE ¼ 9-16-16.

Secretary of HUD to Andrew Birk. Lot 33 and 35, Block 5, Original Carbondale.

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