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2014 Osage County Fair 4-H, scouts and open class results

Results from the open and 4-H exhibits at the Osage County Fair, Osage City, held June 25-29, 2014, have been released as follows:

Boy Scouts of America
Cub Section: Caleb Anschutz-1B, 1R
Cubs & Webelos Section: Caleb Anschutz-1B, 1R
Boy Scouts: Matthew Anschutz-R
Girl Scouts of America
Daisy Section: Ryanne McNellis-1B, 1R, Emileigh Short-2R
Brownie Section: Savannah Short: 1B, 1R
Open Class – Duct Tape
Purse/Wallet: McKenzie Hinck-R
Open Class – Recycling
Junior (Youth 14 years and under): Akaylee Prunty-B, Savannah Short-R, Emmie Short-W
Senior (15 years and over): Donna Marie Anderson-B, Katie Shepard-R
Open Class Horticulture & Crops
Small Veggie: Wayne White-B
Medium Veggie: Wayne White-4B, Ryanne McNellis-1B, Lou Estes-2R, Sandy Kerns-1R, Jerry Kerns-1W
Large Veggie: Wayne White-B
Herbs: Donna Marie Anderson-1B, 1R, 1W
Small Fruit: Jerry Kerns-B, Sandy Kerns-R
Youth (15 & under) Small Veggie: Cody Wright-B
Medium Veggie: Cody Wright-B
Large Veggie:  Cody Wright-2B, Jenna Hamilton-2B, Lila Brock-B, Bodhi Brock-2R
Open Class Domestic Arts
Quilts Quilt patchwork new: Catherine Kane-B
Quilt patchwork machine: Catherine Kane-B
Quilt embroidered: Sharon Romine-B
Quilt child’s crib: Catherine Kane-B
Quilt creative: Elsie Stout-B, Janice Mickelson-B, Catherine Kane-R, Helen Ramsey-R
Quilt other: Helen Ramsey-B
Quilt Tops: Helen Ramsey-B, Catherine Kane-R
Wall Hanging: Catherine Kane-B, Helen Ramsey-2R
Quilt by Family: Lou Estes-B
Mini Quilt: Helen Ramsey-B
Quilted Table Runner: Catherine Kane-B, Helen Ramsey-R
Handiwork Placemats: Catherine Kane-1B, 1R, Helen Ramsey-R
Pillowcases: Catherine Kane-Blue
Knit or Crocheted Item: Helen Ramsey-B, Devin Ramsey-R
Misc. Handiwork: Gayla Regenold-2B, 1R, Helen Ramsey-1W
Clothing Misc. Clothing: Helen Ramsey-B, Catherine Kane-R, Stephanie Knauber-W
Fine Arts String Art: Caleb Anschutz-B
Misc. Fine arts Holiday Craft: Helen Ramsey-B
Ceramics Ceramic Glaze: Gabe Butel-B, Brock Butel-B
Youth Art Work (15 & under) Hand Painted Item: Caleb Anschutz-1B, 1R
Paintings: Caleb Anschutz-R, Matthew Anschutz-R
Drawings: Caleb Anschutz-1B, 2R, Matthew Anschutz-1B, 1R
Ceramics: Ryanne McNellis-1B, 1R, Riley Hinck-B, Kiera McNellis-2R, Caleb Anschutz-R, Presley Hinck-R
Paper Crafts:  Matthew Anschutz-B, Caleb Anschutz-R,
Misc. Crafts: Lauren Phillips-Grand Champion overall., Josie Thompson-Reserve Champion overall, Caleb Anschutz-2R, Presley Hinck-R, Lexi Keen-R
Open Class Domestic Science
Breads & Rolls Loaf Nut Bread: Tracy Wilk-R
Cakes Chiffon/Sponge Cake: Kara Thompson-B
Cookies Refrigerator: Josie Thompson-B
Rolled: Josie Thompson-B, Jerra Butterfield-B
Drop: Josiah Shultz-B, Amanda Croucher-R, Donna Marie Anderson-W, Taylor Atchison-G
No Bake: Amanda Croucher-B, Jerra Butterfield-B
Canned Foods Canned Veggies: Jerry Christiason-B, Lou Estes-R, Helen Ramsey-W
Pickles/Relish Sweet: Lou Estes-B
Dills: Helen Ramsey-B
Beets: Catherine Kane-B
Salsa: Helen Ramsey-B
Relish: Lou Estes-R
Misc.: Lou Estes-B, Helen Ramsey-1R, 1W
Jams/Butters Grape: Tracy Wilk-B
Misc.: Helen Ramsey-R
Jellies Grape: Lou Estes-R
Dried Foods Meat: Lou Estes-Purple Award
Youth(15 & under) Bar Cookies: Akaylee Prunty-1R, 1W
Baking Powder Biscuits: J.D. Schoepflin-R
Jelly, Any kind: Cody Wright-Purple Award, 1B, 1W
Decorated cakes: J.D. Schoepflin-B
Drop Cookies: Miah McCue-B, Lily Shultz-B, Isaac Shultz-B, Kieren Shultz-R, Garrett Croucher-W, Solomon Shultz-W
Brownies: Cole Thompson-B
Quick Bread: Josie Thompson-B
Yeast Rolls: J. D. Schoepflin-B
Muffins: Cole Thompson-B
Jam, Any kind: Cody Wright-2B
Canned Veggies: Cody Wright-1B, 1R, 1W, 2G
Open Class Photography
People-A: Katie Shepard-B, Josiah Shultz-R
A=Amateurs People-J: Josie Thompson-Champion, Lexi Keen-Reserve Champion 
P=Professionals People-P: Kathie Corwine-B
J=Juniors(15 & under) Photojournalism-J: Madelyn Montgomery-Champion
Nature-A: Chenoa Casebier-B, Graci Williams-R, Chenoa Casebier-W
Nature-J: Lexi Keen-Grand Champion overall, Dylon Harris-Champion, Lily Shultz-B, Mackenzie Hoss-R, Lexi Keen-W
Animals-A: Josiah Shultz-B, Robert Youners-R
Animals-J: Lexi Keen-Champion, Grace Bradley-Reserve Champion, Josie Thompson-B, Lily Shultz-R, Lexi Keen-W
Pictorial-A: Robert Youners-1B, 1R, Katie Shepard-W
Pictorial-J: Dylon Harris-Champion, Lexi Keen-Reserve Champion
Open Class Plants & Flowers
Plants Begonia: Donna Marie Anderson-B
Hanging Basket: Lou Estes-Reserve Grand Champion Overall
Ice Plant: Donna Marie Anderson-B
Hybrid Portulea: Donna Marie Anderson-B
Misc. Plant: Donna Marie Anderson-B
Cut Flowers Snapdragon: Donna Marie Anderson-B
Lilies: Jack Moulin-B
Petunias: Donna Marie Anderson-B, Lou Estes-R
Petunias, Ruffled/Doubled: Donna Marie Anderson-B
Sm. Zinnias: Donna Marie Anderson-B
Zinnias, Largest Bloom: Donna Marie Anderson-B
Lg Marigolds: Lou Estes-B
Sm Marigolds: Donna Marie Anderson-B
Periwinkle: Donna Marie Anderson-B
Impatiens: Donna Marie Anderson-B, Lila Brock-R
Misc. Cut Flower:  Lila Brock-B, Donna Marie Anderson-R
Arrangements Mixed Flowers: Hank Moulin-B
Best Arrangement: Jack Moulin-B
Winter Arrangement: Donna Marie Anderson-B
Best Arrangement w/greenery: Bodhi Brock-B
Mini Arrangement: Donna Marie Anderson-B, Lila Brock-R
Cactus/Succulents: Donna Marie Anderson-Grand Champion Overall
Youth (15 & under) Plants: Caleb Anschutz-B
4-H Cloverbud Participants:
Brody Thompson-WW
Daniel Moore-NO
Mason Zirkle-CW
Ryanne McNellis-CW
4-H Arts/Visual Arts
Acrylics: Brenna Strohm-Purple, Gabe Butel-B, Stephen Moore-R, Calvin Young-R
Ceramics: Savannah Short-Reserve Grand Champion, Breanna Strohm-Purple, Lily Shultz-2B, Jenna Hamilton-B, Tracy Wilk-B, Riley Hinck-B, Emileigh Short-B, Isaac Shultz-B, Kiera McNellis-R, Josiah Shultz-R, Riley Hinck-W
Leather: Solomon Shultz-B, Isaac Shultz-R
Pastels: Akaylee Prunty-B, Ariel Mock-B, Garrett Croucher-R, Ariel Mock-R
Pottery: Gabe Butel-Purple, Brock Butel-1B, 2R, Alyssa Hogelin-1R, 2W
Printing: Tracy Wilk-Grand Champion overall
Scrapbook/Paper: Amanda Kendall-B, Grace Croucher-B, Isaac Shultz-B
Sculpting: Garrett Hogelin-B
Sketching/Drawing: Gabe Butel-Grand Champion, Merrit Mead-1B, 2R, Alexandera Sluder-B, Tracy Wilk-B, Ariel Mock-B, Bonnie Young-1B, 2R, Calvin Young-R, Matthew Mock-R, Stephen Moore-R, Joshua Knauber-R, Wylie Young-W
Water Color: Alexis Studebaker-R
3-D Construction: Dylon Harris-Grand Champion, Leon Sluder-Reserve Champion, Zachary Ryan-Purple, Leon Sluder-Purple, Cole Thompson-B, Alexandera Sluder-B, Zachary Ryan-B, Alex Regenold-2B, Thomas Moore-1B, 1R,  Garrett Hogelin-B, Garrett Croucher-B, Brady Hinck-R, Wylie Young-1R, 1W, Stephen Moore-R, Matthew Mock-2R, Raymond Houestadt-R, Justin Brinkley-R, Riley Hinck-W
Other Art: Madelyn Montgomery-Reserve Champion, Emileigh Short-Purple, Macy Hinck-Purple, Madelyn Montgomery-1Purple, 1R, Grace Croucher-B, Kaelin Bones-B, Akaylee Prunty-R, Savannah Short-2R, Garrett Hogelin-R, Morgan Woodbury-W
4-H Club Banners
North Osage-Purple, Willing Workers-B, Vassar Blue-B, Melvern Jr. Highline-R
4-H Clothing
Clothing Construction 7-8 yr. old: Addie Brownlee-Purple
Educational Exhibit 7-8 yr. old: Trista Anderson-B, Josie Thompson-B, Lakin Stahel-B
Clothing Construction 12-14 yr. old: Mackanzie Hoss-B
Clothing Construction 15-18 yr. old: Allison Railsback-Grand Champion overall, Tracy Wilk-B
Purchased outfit-Girl: Allison Railsback-Champion, 1B,  Lily Shultz-Reserve Champion, 1P, 1B, Tracy Wilk-P, Cassidy Robinett-P, Kieren Shultz-1P, 2B,  Lakin Stahel-2P, Nocona Brinkley-B, Grace Bradley-B, Kaelin Bones-B, Jerra Butterfield-B
Purchased outfit-Boy: Josiah Shultz-Reserve Champion overall, 2P, Solomon Shultz-Reserve Champion, 1P, Isaac Shultz-1P, 1B
Recycled Clothing Project: Mackanzie Hoss-B, Macy Hinck-1B, 1R
4-H Energy Management
AC Electrical Projects: Garrett Croucher-B, Brock McCue-B, Alexander Regenold-B, J.D. Schoepflin-B
4-H Entomology
Insect Collection: Leon Sluder-Grand Champion, Alexandera Sluder-Reserve Champion
4-H Food-Nutrition
7-8 yr. olds: Justin Brinkley-Champion, 1P, Cole Thompson-Reserve Champion, 1P, 1B, Savannah Short-P, Kieren Shultz-P, Wylie Young-2B, Maggie Glaves-B, Solomon Shultz-B, Emileigh Short-B, Alexis Studebaker-R
9-11 yr. olds: Jenna Hamilton-Champion, 1P, Josie Thompson-1P, 1B, Kaelin Bones-P, Dylon Harris-1P, 1B, Addyson Easter-1P, 1B, Grace Croucher-P, Ryan Addleman-P, Isaac Shultz-P, Mary Zirkle-P, Jerra Butterfield-2B, Trista Anderson-2B, Garrett Croucher-B, Akaylee Prunty-1B, 2R, Bonnie Young-1B, 1R, Grace Croucher-W
Educational Exhibit 9-11 yr. olds: Alyssa Hogelin-Purple
12-14 yr. olds: Morgan Woodbury-2P, Kelsey Hug-B, J.D. Schoepflin-3B, Nocona Brinkley-1B, 1R, Lilly Shultz-2B, 1R, Miah McCue-B, McKenzy Harsch-R
15-18 yr. olds: Alexandera Sluder-Grand Champion, 1B, Tracy Wilk-Reserve Grand Champion, 1B, Josiah Shultz-B, Breanna Strohm-R
Food Preservation Sweet Spreads, fruit/veggie syrup: Tracy Wilk-R
Fruits/Juices/Fruit Mix: Emily Brownlee-Champion 
Pickles: Emily Brownlee-B
Tomato Product/Salsa: Gunnar Fort-B, Emily Browlee-B
4-H Cookie Jar Contest
4-H Cookie Jar: North Osage 4-H Club-Champion, Burlingame 4-H Club-Reserve Champion, Clover Wranglers-B, Willing Workers 4-H Club-R
4-H Geology & Lapidary
45 ct. Display Rocks/Minerals/Fossils: Leon Sluder-Reserve Grand Champion
60 ct. Display Rocks/Minerals/Fossils: Alexandera Sluder-Grand Champion
4-H Heritage Fiber Arts
Crochet Article, including felted: Tracy Wilk-Grand Champion, Macy Hinck-1P, 1B, Jerra Butterfield-B, Kiera McNellis-B 
Knitting by hand or machine: Alexandera Sluder-B
Patchwork/Quilting: Breanna Strohm-Reserve Grand Champion
4-H Horticulture
Small Veggie: Alyssa Hogelin-R
Medium Veggie: Gunnar Fort-Grand Champion, 3B, Alyssa Hogelin-1B, 1R, Ryan Addleman-R, Alexis Studebaker-R, McKenzy Harsch-R, Kiera McNellis-W 
Large Veggie: Alyssa Hogelin-2B
Herbs: Allison Railsback-2B
Tree Fruits: Alexis Studebaker-B
Annual cut flower: Jerra Butterfield-R
Perennial cut flower: Alyssa Hogelin-Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, 1B, Jerra Butterfield-W
Potted Plants: Morgan Woodbury-3B, Cody Atchison-B
4-H AG Mechanics
AG Mechanics Display: Willing Workers-Grand Champion: Brandan Stahel-B
4-H Miscellaneous
Posters: Bonnie Young-B, Wylie Young-B
Notebooks: Allison Railsback-Grand Champion, 1B, Tracy Wilk-B, J.D. Schoepflin-B, Savannah Short-B, Cassidy Robinett-R
4-H Reading Notebook: Royce Cowan-P, Trista Anderson-B, Emmie Short-B, Amanda Kendall-R
4-H Officer Notebook: Willing Workers Club-Reserve Grand Champion, Reserve Champion, Royce Cowan-B, North Osage Club-R, Cody Atchison-R
4-H Photography
Color Photos/3ysr or less in project: Mackenzie Hoss-Reserve Grand Champion overall, 1P, Josie Thompson-1P, 1B, Amanda Kendall-1P, 1R, Dylon Harris-2P,  Allison Railsback-P, Danielle Kerns-1P, 1R, Solomon Shultz-1P, 1B, Kieren Shultz-1P, 1B, McKenzy Harsch-2B, Mary Zirkle-1B, 1R, Brock Butel-1B, 1R, Gabe Butel-1B, 1R, Justin Brinkley-1B, 1R, Raymond Houestadt-2B, Alex Williams-2B, Trista Anderson-2R, Alexis Boland-2R, Brooke Boland-2R, Kaelin Bones-2R, Jenna Hamilton-2R, Kiera McNellis-1R
Color Photos/4-7yrs in project: Tracy Wilk-Grand Champion overall, 1B, Madelyn Montgomery-Reserve Champion, 1P, Cody Atchison-2P, Lily Shultz-2P, Jamison Corwine- 1P, 1B, Alex Sluder-1P, 1R, Leon Sluder-2B, Isaac Shultz-2B, Nocona Brinkley-1B, 1R, Grace Bradley-1B, 1R, Marrit Mead-2R
Color Photos/8 or more yrs. in project: Josiah Shultz-Champion, 1B, Cassidy Robinett-Reserve Champion, 1B, Avery Mead-2B, Morgan Woodbury-2R
Black &amp: White Photos: Kiera McNellis-B
4-H Shooting Sports
Educational Display: Cody Atchison-Grand Champion, Jenna Hamilton-B
Promotional Poster: Garrett Hogelin-B
4-H Space Tech – Robotics
Educational Notebook: Alexander Regenold-B
Programmable Robot from kit: Leon Sluder-B
4-H Woodworking
Furniture: Breanna Strohm-Grand Champion, Cody Atchison-B, Royce Cowan-B, Brandan Stahel-B
Other Woodwork: Zachary Ryan-B, J. D. Schoepflin-B, Ryan Addlemay-R

Information thanks to Amanda Croucher.

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