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Anderson County joins as third county in Frontier Extension District

On July 1, 2014, Anderson County merged with Osage and Franklin counties to comprise the K-State Research and Extension Frontier Extension District. Originally created in 2010, the Frontier Extension District now has offices in Ottawa, Lyndon and Garnett. With this addition, Kansas has a total of 45 counties in 16 extension districts across the state.

The three-county Frontier Extension District is governed by a 12-member board, with each county in the district represented by four board members. After initial appointments to the district board, members are elected in public elections conducted by the county clerk in each county within the district.

Districting allows local citizens access to the expertise of additional agents. As part of a district team, agents can dedicate more time to a specific area of program focus. At the same time, agents have access to more resources and support as they work together in a larger team.

Across the state, the district structure has expanded educational opportunities, delivery methods and community service learning. Extension agents work with program development committees and the district board to develop educational programs based on the district’s needs.

Staff members of the Frontier Extension District Agents include: Fran Richmond, district extension director and community development; Rod Schaub, agriculture and natural resources, livestock production; Darren Hibdon, agriculture and natural resources, crop production; Shannon Blocker, agriculture and natural resources, horticulture; Nancy Schuster, family and consumer science, nutrition and food safety; Rebecca McFarland, family and consumer science, family and child development; Taren Harmon, program assistant, 4-H youth development; Betsy Steanson, program assistant, family nutrition program; Peggy DeForeest, office professional, Lyndon office; Juanita Sleichter, office professional, Ottawa office; Sharon Farris, office professional, Ottawa office; Liz Drennan, office professional, Garnett office.

For more information, contact Richmond at 785-828-4438, or [email protected].

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