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Candidates fill ballots in school board elections

The following candidates have filed for board of education seats in Osage County school districts:

USD 420-Osage City

Position 4-Michael Pitts

Position 5-Diane Kimball, Raymond L. Lauber

Position 6-Cindy Cook

USD 421-Lyndon

Position 1B-Lori Sturdy

Position 2A-David Brecheisen

Position 2B-Robert M. Knoernschild Jr.

Position 3B-Gary Summers, Melissa K. Herdman

USD 434-Santa Fe Trail

Position 2-Michele Ferris

Position 4-Zachary Anshutz

Position 5-Randy Boudeman

Position 6-Mark A. VanCamp, Amy Crotinger

USD 454-Burlingame

Position 5-Cathy Fagan

Position 6-Brandi Shaffer, Tanyea A. Bingham

USD 456-Marais des Cygnes Valley

Position 4-Roxie Lee Bush, Mark R. Lacey

Position 5-Jamie Sowers

Position 6-Robert K. Bailey

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