Letter to Editor: Don’t cut down old tree at Osage City golf course

Dear Editor:


Scheduled for removal is the large tree on the right, according to the letter writer.

This citizen is outraged! At Osage City Public Golf Course, a large 60-year-old tree near the club house will be cut down next week. The oak tree is healthy and provides shade to the patio.

Being a public golf course I feel the Osage City Tree Board and City Council should be consulted. The tree removal shouldn’t be an internal golf course decision.

Today, I spoke with Lee Seastrom, manager at the golf course. He indicated the tree was causing maintenance and growth issues with the small putting green located adjacent to it.

It’s my opinion the small putting green should be moved to west of the clubhouse where ample space and sunlight is available.  The tree was there first.


Rick Potter
Osage City

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