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Get the sticker! Remember to vote!

Polling places are located across the county for the April 2 elections. Voters should vote at the polling place established for their precinct. Polls are open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The following are polling places in Osage County:

Agency Precinct
Quenemo Community Building
122 Fourth St.

Arvonia, Barclay, Grant, Superior, 1st Ward Osage City, 2nd Ward Osage City, 3rd Ward Osage City, and 4th Ward Osage City precincts
Osage City Community Building
517 S. First St.
Osage City

North Burlingame, South Burlingame and Dragoon precincts
Schuyler Museum
117 S. Dacotah St.

Elk, Fairfax and Michigan Valley precincts
Grace Community Church
310 E. Eighth St.

Melvern, Lincoln and Olivet precincts
Melvern Community Building
141 SW Main

North and South Valley Brook and Vassar precincts
Lyndon Community Center
204 Topeka Ave.

North and South Ridgeway precincts
ELMS Community Center
228 Main St.

Scranton Precinct
Scranton Community Center
104 Burlingame Ave.

If unsure of which precinct they reside in or where they should vote, voters should contact the county election clerk at 785-828-4182.

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