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Featured Business: Tony’s Tire & Auto now offering reliable auto service at Lyndon


For customers’ convenience, Tony’s Tire & Auto has opened a new NAPA AutoCare Center at Lyndon.

With the uncertainties in life we face every day, keeping your car running and safe shouldn’t be something you have to worry about all the time. Nowadays, everyone relies on their automobile to get them to school, work, home and vacation. It’s part of life, and if your car isn’t running right, you know it can cause you more problems down the road.

Are my tires worn out? Is it time to get new brakes, change the oil, new shocks? What’s that strange noise from under the hood? Now, car owners in the Lyndon and Osage City area can put those worries aside and have a greater peace of mind by trusting their vehicles to Tony’s Tire & Auto, which has opened its second location in Osage County.

Tony and Amber Horne, operators of the hometown business, opened the new auto service center at 319 S. Topeka St., Lyndon, in July.

At the new Lyndon location and the longtime Osage City service center, car care focuses on keeping your car running and reliable: Tires, oil changes, lube job, front end work, brake repair, tune-ups, air conditioner service, and repairs for all makes and models of cars, trucks, busses “or anything with a motor,” as Tony says.

Customers can be assured by Tony’s more than 20 years of experience in vehicle repair, and four years of reliable customer service at the Osage City service center. But along with the new location comes a new reason for customers’ confidence in Tony’s Tire & Auto – it is now certified as a NAPA AutoCare Center.

What that means to customers is an assurance of quality work and car care. All service work offered by a NAPA AutoCare Center comes with the NAPA Nationwide Peace of Mind Warranty.

“There’s no greater peace of mind than knowing you have one less worry by having your vehicles serviced by the professionals at a local NAPA AutoCare Center,” Tony says. “We stand behind our work with the NAPA AutoCare Peace of Mind Warranty.”

The written warranty covers parts and labor on qualifying repairs and services for 24 months or 24,000 miles.

“Since the warranty is honored at more than 14,000 locations nationwide, your service work is not only guaranteed at our service center, you’re protected even when you travel,” Tony says.

In addition to the assurance of quality work, Tony also wants customers at the new auto care center to know they can expect the same type of service customers are accustomed to at Osage City.

“We provide good, friendly and reliable service,” Tony says.

He says the decision to open the Lyndon location was due to the number of customers from Lyndon that were having their vehicles serviced at the Osage City service center.

Longtime customers of Tony’s Tire & Auto have learned to expect quick delivery of tires along with reasonable and competitive prices.

“Usually we can get tires in the next day after ordered, and we compete with all of the high-end tire stores on tire prices,” Tony says.

In addition to tire work and vehicle repairs, the business offers 24-hour emergency service and towing, with two tow trucks available through its sister business Osage Trucking LLC. The towing service is an AAA provider, offering the helpful emergency roadside assistance that is expected by AAA members.

Tony says that trucks, heavy equipment, tractors, or “anything with a motor” are welcomed at the service center for repairs of any type, from transmission service to engine changes. Future plans include offering supplies for farm repairs – currently available are acetylene and welding gasses and new steel, such as angle and flat iron.

So whether you’re at the lake with your RV broken down, looking for a place to get your oil changed, searching for good value in tires for any vehicle, or need a major repair, quit worrying and get peace of mind by calling Tony’s Tire & Auto, either at the new service center in Lyndon or at Osage City.

For service in Lyndon, call 785-828-3445 or stop by 319 S. Topeka Street. In Osage City, call 785-528-3368, or visit 750 Lakin St. For 24-hour towing service, call either location or 785-214-9448 after hours. Hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m.-noon Saturday.

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