Primary election Tuesday, Aug. 5: Review your choices before entering the voting booth

080514-vote-stickerOsage County Clerk and election officer Rhonda Beets has provided notice of candidates to be voted on at the state primary election on August 5, 2014. A list certified by the election office includes candidates for the various nominations to be made by the Republican and Democratic parties in the state, and also names and addresses of candidates that filed with the county election officer.

Candidates for national, state, county and township offices to be voted on at the primary election for Osage County voters, depending on political boundaries, are as follows:

Republican Candidates

National and State Offices

United States Senate

Pat Roberts, 909 Club View Dr., Dodge City 67801

D. J. Smith, 107 Rorher Heights Dr., Osawatomie 66064

Milton Wolf, 2335 West 97th St., Leawood 66206

Alvin E. Zahnter, 850 E. 3rd, Russell 67665

United States House of Representatives 2nd District

Lynn Jenkins, 5940 SW Clarion Ln, Topeka 66610

Joshua Joel Tucker, 1053 E. 515th Ave., Pittsburg 66762

Governor/Lieutenant Governor

Sam Brownback, 2605 SW 21st St., Topeka 66604; Jeff Colyer, Overland Park

Jennifer Winn, P.O. Box 262, Haysville 67060; Robin R. Lais, Wichita

Secretary of State

Kris Kobach, 4701 N. 130th St. Piper 66109

Scott Morgan, 1618 Inverness Dr., Lawrence 66047

Attorney General

Derek Schmidt, 416 N. 5th St., Independence 67301

State Treasurer

Ron Estes, 12224 Bracken Ct, Wichita 67206

Commissioner of Insurance

Beverly Gossage, 9325 Evening Star Terrace, Eudora 66025

David J. Powell, 6872 NE Cole Creek Road, El Dorado 67042

Ken Selzer, 12504 Buena Vista, Leawood 66209

Clark Shultz, 707 Washington Circle, Lindsborg 67456

John M. Toplikar, 507 E. Spruce, Olathe 66061

State Representative, 54th District

Ken Corbet, 10351 SW 61, Topeka 66610

State Representative, 59th District

Blaine Finch, 5 SW Fairview Dr., Ottawa 66067

Bob Fluke, 520 W. 15th, Ottawa 66067

State Representative 76th District

Jeffrey B. Freeman, 406 2nd St., LeRoy 66857

Peggy L. Mast, 765 Road 110, Emporia 66801

County Offices

County Commissioner, 1st District

Fred L. Diver, 14852 South Osage Rd., Burlingame 66413

Township Offices

Barclay Township

Clerk: Rodney Bergquist, 28760 S. Docking Rd., Osage City 66523

Dragoon Township

Clerk: Joseph E. Quaney, 4967 W. 189th St, Burlingame 66413

Elk Township

Clerk: Gary Wray, 13662 S. Stanley Rd. Overbrook 66524

Precinct Committeeman: Gerald E. (Jerry) Meng, 203 Sunflower Dr., Overbrook 66524

Precinct Committeewoman: Susan R. Meng, 203 Sunflower Dr., Overbrook 66524

Fairfax Township

Precinct Committeeman: Gerald “Cheese” Marten, 20394 S Hwy 75, Scranton 66537

Precinct Committeewoman: Judith A. Marten, 20394 S Hwy 75, Scranton 66537

Junction Township

Vassar Precinct Committeeman: Gary Summers, 22512 Pomona Dr., Vassar 66543

Vassar Precinct Committeewoman: Frances L. Summers, 22512 Pomona Dr., Vassar 66543

Melvern Township

Precinct Committeeman: John W. Dewey, 33781 S. Croco Rd., Melvern 66510

Precinct Committeewoman: Kathryn L. Dewey, 33781 S Croco Rd, Melvern 66510

Ridgeway Township

South Ridgeway Precinct Committeeman: Gaylord D. Anderson, 14180 S. Topeka, Carbondale 66414

South Ridgeway Precinct Committeewoman: J. Sue Anderson, 14180 S. Topeka, Carbondale 66414

Scranton Township

Precinct Committeewoman: Dana K. Webber, 307 S. Boyle St., Scranton 66537

Superior Township

Precinct Committeeman: Casey Mussatto, 23030 N. 4th St., Osage City 66523

Precinct Committeewoman: Cheryl Mussatto, 23030 N. 4th, Osage City 66523

Valley Brook Township

North Valley Brook Precinct Committeeman: Ronald R. Groff, 625 Topeka Ave. Lyndon 66451

North Valley Brook Precinct Committeewoman: Lois Wadsworth Butel, 402 East 10th, Lyndon 66451

South Valley Brook Precinct Committeewoman: Virginia Kersten, 502 Cedar, Lyndon 66451

Osage City

Third Ward Precinct Committeeman: Joe D. Humerickhouse, 712 S. 5th, Osage City 66523

Third Ward Precinct Committeewoman: Thelma K. Humerickhouse, 712 S. 5th, Osage City 66523


Democratic Candidates

National and State Offices

United States Senate

Chad Taylor, 6842 NW Hunter Rd., Topeka 66618

Patrick Wiesner, 2717 Ann Court, Lawrence 66046

United States House of Representatives 2nd District

Margie Wakefield, 3000 University Dr., Lawrence 66049

Governor/Lieutenant Governor

Paul Davis, P.O. Box 2848, Topeka 66601; Jill Docking,Wichita

Secretary of State

Jean Kurtis Schodorf, 3039 Benjamin Ct., Wichita 67204

Attorney General

J. Kotich, 3601 SW Blue Inn Ct., Topeka 66614

State Treasurer

Carmen Alldritt, 1819 NW Grove Ave., Topeka 66606

Commissioner of Insurance

Dennis Anderson, 13100 Woodward St., Overland Park 66213

State Representative, 54th District

Ann E. Mah, 3351 SE Meadowview Drive, Topeka 66605

State Representative, 59th District

Scott James Barnhart, 4019 Louisiana Rd., Ottawa 66067

State Representative, 76th District

Teresa Briggs, 10933 W. 333rd St., Reading 66868

Township Offices

Junction Township

Clerk: Ronald Mathe, 2348 Pomona Lane, Vassar 66543

Osage City

Third Ward Precinct Committeewoman: Carolyn J. Rosetta, 208 Safford St. Osage City 66523

See a list of polling places in Osage County here.

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