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Filings in Osage County Courthouse Aug. 4 – Aug. 8

The following information was compiled from records at the Osage County Courthouse August 4 through August 8, 2014.

Domestic Cases

Brenda K. Bender v. Curtis L. Bender. Petition for divorce. Filed 8/1/14. 14DM149

Crystal Dawn Jones v. Austin Edward Jones. Petition for divorce. Filed 8/4/14. 14DM150

Gloria A. D’Attilio v. Fred D’Attilio. Petition for divorce. Filed 8/5/14. 14DM154

State Tax Liens

State of Kansas v. Jeremiah G. Rice. State tax lien. Filed 7/31/14. Amount: $544.77. 14ST49

State of Kansas v. Ronald G. Gaston Jr. State tax lien. Filed 8/6/14. Amount: $9,306.31. 14ST50

State of Kansas v. Helen M. Burkett. State tax lien. Filed 8/8/14. Amount: $1,037.58. 14ST51

State of Kansas v. Ray E. Lester Jr. and Jennifer Lester. State tax lien. Filed 8/8/14. Amount: $1,242.71. 14ST52

State of Kansas v. William A. Branson. State tax lien. Filed 8/8/14. Amount: $689.41. 14ST53


Edith D. Johnson to Schooler Properties, LLC. Even Lots 56-60, Mason Street, Throop’s Addition, Scranton.

James E. Bowen and Sandra L. Bowen to Steven D. Seibel and Gayle D. Seibel. Lots 16 and 17, Roy Rodgers Jr., Flying “R” Ranch.

Douglas Stewart, Rosene L. Riggin, Jeannine A. Colstrom, Linda R. Berends, June E. Roberts, James W. Stewart and Janet E. Ward to Ethan C. Michael and Paige N. Fort. Tract SW 1/4 24-16-14.

Meier’s Ready Mix, Inc. to Michael J. Lucke and Jodi D. Lucke. Tract SE 1/4 26-16-14.

Raymond L. Jonscher and Deborah A. Jonscher to Ty Frederickson and Marcie L. Frederickson. Lot 84, Sail-A-Way Estates North.

Osage County Sheriff to Landmark National Bank. Tract NE 1/4 16-17-14.

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