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Filings in Osage County Courthouse Aug. 11 – Aug. 15

The following information was compiled from records at the Osage County Courthouse August 11 to August 15, 2014.

Domestic Cases

Carrie Woodman v. David Woodman. Petition for divorce. Filed 8/12/14. 14DM157

Kansas Department for Children and Families v. Virginia King. Petition for support. Filed 8/12/14. 14DM158

Limited Cases

Pulmonary and Sleep Associates v. Ashley K. Crader. Recovery of money. Filed 8/6/14. Amount: $554, interest, costs and other. 14LM162

Eric E. Sage v. Cassie Roelker. Forcible detainer. Filed 8/12/14. 14LM163

Cypress Financial Recoveries LLC v. Ruby F. Stegman. Recovery of money. Filed 8/12/14. Amount: $857.16, interest, costs and other. 14LM164

Capital One Bank v. Joseph J. Ferry. Recovery of money. Filed 8/13/14. Amount: $2,336.38, interest, costs and other. 14LM165

Amy McCoy Enterprises Inc. v. Tiffany S. Luthi. Recovery of money. Filed 8/14/14. Amount: $331.38, interest, costs and other. 14LM166

Probate Cases

Thomas E. Thompson. Probate will. Filed 8/8/14. 14PR36


James W. Lusk and Nancy Niles Lusk to Reckin Crue BBQ LLC. Odd Lots 25-35, Block 1, Danford’s Addition, Osage City.

Raymond R. Carey and Ruth A. Carey Trusts to Deverlee D. Goodrich and Russell A. Redenbaugh. Tract SE ¼ 27-18-17.

Joseph H. Nordling Trust, Helen D. Nordling, Thomas R. Nordling Jr. and Karen R. Schiltz to Edward D. Berends and Linda R. Berends. Lots 1-4, Block 3, Wetherell’s Addition, Osage City.

Ethel M. Allen to Sharon Laness. Tract SE ¼ 34-16-14.

Laura E. Burk to Emily M. Alvarez. Odd Lots 57-63, Nicholas Street, Throop’s Addition, Scranton.
Osage County Sheriff to Secretary of HUD. All Block 24, Carbondale.

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