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Letter to the Editor: Stealing from the dead causes pain to the living

Letter to the Editor,

When we lose a family member we honor them by placing flowers on their grave, and sometimes a statue or light.  Each year family members honor those who have passed by these traditions. But when they are removed by individuals, that is disrespecting the memory of someone’s loved one. As most of us know each cemetery has their own rules for leaving flowers and memorabilia, especially in the summer.

When you steal from someone else’s property and caught, there is a penalty to be paid, but when flowers are wrongfully taken from a cemetery, there is nothing done. Each plot in a cemetery is owned by the person who is buried there and just because they are no longer here to say what happens, their rights to have their personal items on their plot should be the same living or not. Families bring items to their loved one’s plot just as they did when they took them to their home. And the difference is?

This year may have been no different than any other year, but it seems there were a lot of flowers stolen from cemeteries in the Osage County area. It is one thing to wait until the proper dates when the flowers have been removed and thrown into the trash for disposal and someone goes through them and takes what they feel that can be reused. Those have been thrown out for disposal, whether that be in the trash dump or someone has taken it. But while it is still on the grave, that is downright stealing and should be considered as such. The cemetery plot still is owned by someone, and their loved ones have come to honor their memory by placing flower or memorabilia on that plot (which is now their home) – it shouldn’t be stolen.

If those who have stolen flowers or memorabilia from a cemetery plot would understand how devastating it is to the family when it is discovered. I hope that someday they will feel the pain that it causes those of us who have experienced this first hand. It is sad people have to stoop so low to steal from the dead.

Marcina Wall

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