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$1.2 billion in projects to improve roads and bridges, create jobs

Hundreds of projects that will improve Kansas roads and bridges, as well as create short- and long-term jobs, have been scheduled by the Kansas Department of Transportation for the next two years.

The projects will preserve, modernize and expand roads on both state and local road systems. The work list includes 464 highway projects, 194 bridge/interchange projects and 1,603 miles of improvements.

“This continues the steady flow of work – and the construction jobs created by that work – under the 10-year T-WORKS transportation program passed during the 2010 legislative session,” said Kansas Transportation Secretary Mike King.

King made the announcements yesterday during visits to Liberal, Wichita and McPherson.

The estimated cost of the work, for which construction will be underway during the 2015 and 2016 fiscal years, is $1.2 billion. About 65 percent of the projects are considered preservation work, which will protect the investment Kansans have already made in the state’s public road system.

“The construction work will create jobs for hundreds of workers, who will spend their paychecks in communities all over the state, spreading the benefits far beyond the construction industry,” said Secretary King.

“But the better news is the long-term job prospects these improvements will help make possible.”

To view the entire list of projects, visit the KDOT website at www.ksdot.org.

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