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Garnett publisher urges campaign against county attorney’s appointment as judge

Dear Editor,

As you know, Anderson County Attorney Brandon Jones (also Osage County Attorney) and Coffey County Attorney Doug Witteman’s names have been forwarded to Governor Sam Brownback as possible appointments to fill the vacancy in a Fourth Judicial District judge’s seat. One of the two will be appointed within the next few weeks.

You may not, however, be familiar with as yet unresolved open government/character issues surrounding one of the nominees. As Anderson County Attorney, Brandon Jones investigated and determined a suspect after persons unknown pursued an illegal and unethical anonymous campaign against a spring 2013 bond issue for a new hospital facility in Anderson County. After the culmination of his investigation and finding the responsible parties, Jones opted neither to prosecute the individual(s) involved, nor to force those persons to file declaratory campaign finance forms as per state election law which would have led to their public identification. The identities of those responsible are still a mystery, as is the reason Jones continues to conceal their names.

I hope you believe as I do that someone who has such contempt for governmental openness, state election laws and who condones unethical and illegal behavior among preferred groups or individuals has no business adjudicating state law over the rest of us.

Please join me in an immediate letter-writing campaign in an attempt to sway Governor Brownback away from a Jones appointment to the bench. Send a letter yourself and contact three people to also send letters and ask them to contact three additional people, etc. Hand address your letters to:

Governor Sam Brownback
Office of Appointments
300 SW 10th Ave. Ste 259S
Topeka, KS 66612
attn: Fourth Judicial District appointment

Time is of the essence, as this appointment will be made shortly. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Dane Hicks, President
Garnett Publishing, Inc.
[email protected]

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