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Outdoors: Fishing reports for Pomona Lake, Melvern Lake, Osage County Fishing Lake

The following fishing reports for Osage County lakes were provided by Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism.

Melvern Lake

Reported on March 28, 2013.

Crappie – poor to fair, .33-1.5 pounds, on jigs in deep water (15-35 feet).

Walleye – poor to fair, 1.5-5 pounds, using jigs and crankbaits off the dam.

Boat ramp conditions – all ramps in USACE parks and state park have sufficient depth for launching.

Lake level was 4.01 feet below normal, with release at 20 cubic feet per second. Temperature was 41degrees F on March 28.

Fishermen are reminded that Melvern Lake has zebra mussels: Remember to clean, drain, and dry your boat and fishing equipment when leaving the lake to keep from spreading the mussels to other lakes.

Pomona Lake 

Reported April 2, 2013

Channel catfish – slow, 2-7 pounds, using worms, dip baits, crappie entrails, cut shad, or stink or prepared baits.

Walleye – slow, weight varies but the walleye population is improving. Try off windy points, crank baits or jigs tipped with a nightcrawler.

White bass and wipers – slow, weight varies, lakewide and the windy side of points, with minnows or shad colored lures, off the USACE swim beach.

Crappie – slow, with most about 9-14 inches, lakewide, marina docks, over brush piles, using black and pink tube jigs or minnows at about 6 feet. Most fish are over 10 inches, and fish are slowly moving in.

When large releases of water occur at the stilling basin then fishing there can be better.

Osage County State Fishing Lake

Reported March 28, 2013

Channel catfish – poor to fair, 1-5 pounds using shad sides.

Crappie – poor to fair, .4-1 pounds, using jigs in 15-20 feet of water over brush.

Walleye – poor to fair, 1.5-3 pounds, using crankbaits off dam and rocky points.

Local fishermen are invited to comment below to update fishing conditions or other lake information.

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