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Election update: Write-in races counted

The Osage County Clerk’s office has announced the results of  several write-in races that were not determined on election night.

For USD 454 Burlingame’s Board of Education Position 1, the winner was Billie McClure with 45 write-in votes out of 85 cast.

In Olivet, the mayor’s position and council members’ positions were determined by write-in votes. Bill Miles will be Olivet’s mayor, receiving seven votes for the position. The following received write-in votes in Olivet council members’ election: Mary Brown, 7, Tim Ormsby, 7, John Warner, 5, Charles Neil, 7, Jim Kenney, 4, Debbie Neil, 4. The tie between Kenney and Neil will be decided by lot during election canvassing by county commissioners on April 8, with the winner taking the position.

Another tie vote in the election, between Denise Lauber and Ricky Martin for Osage City’s Ward 1 city council position, will also be decided Monday. Each had 70 votes.

Osage County Clerk Rhonda Beets said the tie votes could be decided by flipping a coin, drawing straws, or another method deemed appropriate by the Kansas Secretary of State.

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