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Filings in Osage County District Court, March 25-29

Filings in Osage County court records March 25-March 29, 2013

Limited cases

Barstow School v. Timothy Hays. Recovery of money. Filed 3/25/13. Amount: $8,122.14, interest, costs and other. 13LM095

Mary Lou Estes v. Kaylen Yeo and Cody Yeo. Petition for eviction. Filed 3/27/13. 13LM096

Midland Funding v. Toni Nutt. Recovery of money. Filed 3/28/13. Amount: $1,538.76, interest, costs and other. 13LM097

Portfolio Recovery v. Alan D. Harris. Recovery of money. Filed 3/29/13. Amount: $2,399.71, interest, costs and other. 13LM099

Domestic cases

David A. Coll v. Sharon M. Coll. Petition for divorce. Filed 3/19/13. 13DM50

Civil cases

U.S. Bank v. Robert D. Jenkins. Mortgage foreclosure. Filed 3/15/13. Amount: $63,432.17, interest, costs and other. 13CV19

Doreen Weekley v. Brianna Elaine Schenk. Recovery of money. Filed 3/20/13. Amount: $8,348.54, interest, costs and other. 13CV20

U.S. Bank v. Keith R. Miner and Traci D. Miner. Petition to quiet title. Filed 3/29/13. 13CV21


Stephen W. Kellison to Quincy M. Miller and Margaret S. Miller. Odd Lots 23-35, Block 19, Original Osage City.

U.S. Department of Agriculture to William L. Orender and Gertrude A. Orender. N 70’ Even Lots 30-36, Block 12, Wetherell’s Addition, Osage City.

Vanderbilt Mortgage to Duston Arthur Neil Spencer and Stacia L. Spencer. Tract SE ¼ 1-17-16.

Osage County Sheriff to Secretary of HUD. Tract NW ¼ 25-15-16.

Marion L. Phillips to Blake Q. Jones and Danyl D. Chapman. Tract SW ¼ 35-18-16.

FHLM to Bruce A. Files Jr. Tract SW corner 14-16-16.

First Horizon Home Loans to Travis A. Ragan and Jennifer R. Ragan. Even Lots 2-16, Sixth Street, Rankin’s Addition, Quenemo.

Paul W. Iwig and Joyce Iwig to Jerry W. Anstaett and Barbara A. Anstaett. Lots 10-12, exclucing E 20’, Block 13, Original Lyndon.

Willis West and Joyce West to Bonita Anderson and Roberty Schuyler. Odd Lots 31-15 and S ½ Lot 29, Block 1, Cloud’s Addition, Quenemo.

David A. Badger and Karen L. Badger to Rachal A. Dixon. Tract NW ¼ 4-15-16.

Linda A. Fricke, Diana I. Johnson-Patterson and Alice K. Peterson to Ronald Harold Fredrickson Trust and Patricia Ann Fredrickson Trust. Tract NW ¼ 18-16-14.

Zion Lutheran Church to Fire District No. 5. E ½ Even Lots 2-8, Block 13, Original Vassar.

Greg Fast Trust to Grizz Lee and Carolyn M. Lee. Lot 11, Block B, Fast Subdivision.

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