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Lyndon Police Department report for March

Lyndon Police Department activity report, Feb. 28-March 30, 2013.

Feb. 28 – Medical assist.
March 1 – Medical assist. Check pool, someone climbed fence, no entry into building. Check welfare, all okay.
March 6 – Criminal damage to property, filed with district court. Battery, filed with district court. Verbal domestic, victim wishes no charges, no physical contact. Check welfare, all okay.
March 7 – Speed, citation issued. Illegal registration, just purchased vehicle. Two-vehicle accident, report taken.
March 8 – Fire department assist, carbon monoxide detector. Illegal U-turn, warning issued. Child walked away from school, picked up and returned. Speed and illegal passing, citation issued. Street light report completed.
March 9 – Report of vehicles chasing each other, could not find them
March 13 – Door alarm, all secure.
March 15 – Child locked out of house, sent to friend’s residence.
March 16 – Took K9 to vet clinic, no charge to city. Check residence, all okay.
March 19 – Two dogs at large, officer did not transport. Resident took to vet clinic.
March 20 – Motorist assist, lock out. Medical assist. One vehicle accident, car struck building, report taken.
March 25 – Motorist assist, vehicle unlock. Speeding, citation issued.
March 27 – Marijuana possession case worked.
March 28 – Attend pre-construction meeting for Casey’s. Motorist assist, vehicle unlock.
March 29 – Check on welfare of confused person at courthouse, all okay. Brake light violation, warning issued. Medical assist. Suspicious vehicle, left town after stop.
March 30 – Keg party, checked ages of participants, all of age. Assist county with drunk driver.

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