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County election officer publishes notice of Nov. 4 general election

Osage County Election Officer Rhonda Beets recently published the following notice of the Nov. 4, 2014, general election as required by state statutes. It includes polling places in Osage County, listed according to precinct, along with all persons nominated for public office and whose names will appear on ballots to be cast in Osage County. The notice also includes Melvern’s sales tax question. Not appearing with this notice is a constitutional question that would allow raffles in the state if approved.

County Election Officer’s Election Notice

I, Rhonda Beets, County Election Officer of Osage County, Kansas, by the authority vested in me do hereby give public notice that on the first Tuesday succeeding the first Monday in November, the same being the 4th day of November, 2014, there will be held a general election in Osage County, Kansas, at the following polling places in each city, township and voting precinct:

  • Agency Precinct – Quenemo Community Building
  • Arvonia Precinct – Community Building, Osage City
  • Barclay Precinct – Community Building, Osage City
  • North Burlingame Precinct – Schuyler Museum Annex
  • South Burlingame Precinct – Schuyler Museum Annex
  • Dragoon Precinct – Schuyler Museum Annex
  • Elk Precinct – Grace Community Church Overbrook
  • Fairfax Precinct – Grace Community Church Overbrook
  • Grant Precinct – Community Building, Osage City
  • Michigan Valley Precinct – Grace Community Church Overbrook
  • Vassar Precinct – Lyndon Community Center
  • Lincoln Precinct – Melvern Community Center
  • Melvern Precinct – Melvern Community Center
  • Olivet Precinct – Melvern Community Center
  • North Ridgeway Precinct – Elms Community Center, Carbondale
  • South Ridgeway Precinct – Elms Community Center, Carbondale
  • Scranton Precinct – Scranton Community Building
  • Superior Precinct – Community Building, Osage City
  • North Valley Brook Precinct – Lyndon Community Center
  • South Valley Brook Precinct – Lyndon Community Center
  • Osage City First Ward – Community Building, Osage City
  • Osage City Second Ward – Community Building, Osage City
  • Osage City Third Ward – Community Building, Osage City
  • Osage City Fourth Ward – Community Building, Osage City

The names of all persons nominated for any public office at that time to be elected are as follows:

National Offices

  • For United States Senate: Pat Roberts, Dodge City, Republican; Randall Batson, Wichita, Libertarian; Greg Orman, Olathe, Independent.
  • For United States Representative, 2nd District: Margie Wakefield, Lawrence, Democrat; Lynn Jenkins, Republican, Topeka; Christopher Clemmons, Shawnee, Libertarian.

State Offices

  • For Governor/Lieutenant Governor: Paul Davis, Lawrence and Jill Docking, Wichita Democrat; Sam Brownback, Topeka and Jeff Colyer, Overland Park, Republican; Keen A. Umbehr, Alma and Joshua J. Umbehr, Wichita Libertarian.
  • For Secretary of State: Jean Kurtis Schodorf, Wichita, Democrat; Kris Kobach, Piper, Republican.
  • For Attorney General: A.J. Kotich, Topeka, Democrat; Derek Schmidt, Independence, Republican.
  • For State Treasurer: Carmen Alldritt, Topeka, Democrat; Ron Estes, Wichita, Republican.
  • For Commissioner of Insurance: Dennis Anderson, Overland Park, Democrat, Ken Selzer, Leawood, Republican.
  • For State Representative 54th District: Ann E. Mah, Topeka, Democrat, Ken Corbet, Topeka, Republican.
  • For State Representative 59th District: Scott James Barnhart, Ottawa, Democrat, Blaine Finch, Ottawa, Republican.
  • For State Representative 76th District: Teresa Briggs, Reading, Democrat, Peggy L. Mast, Emporia, Republican, Bill Otto, LeRoy, Independent.

County Offices

  • For County Commissioner, 1st District: Fred L. Diver, Burlingame, Republican

Township Offices

  • For Arvonia Township Clerk: James H. Rogers, Lebo, Republican
  • For Barclay Township Clerk: Rodney Bergquist, Osage City, Republican
  • For Dragoon Township Clerk: Joseph E. Quaney, Burlingame, Republican
  • For Elk Township Clerk: Gary Wray, Overbrook, Republican
  • For Fairfax Township Clerk: Keith Badger, Carbondale, Republican
  • For Grant Township Clerk: Larry Colstrom, Osage City, Republican
  • For Junction Township Clerk: Ronald E. Mathe, Vassar, Democrat
  • For Lincoln Township Clerk: Philip (Rusty) Spencer, Melvern, Republican
  • For Olivet Township Clerk: Richard Mickelson, Lyndon, Republican
  • For Ridgeway Township Clerk: Charles Kaff, Carbondale, Republican
  • For Valley Brook Township Clerk: Don Garret, Lyndon, Republican

Notice is also hereby given that the following names will appear on the Official Judicial Ballots for the non-partisan retention of Supreme Court Justices, Court of Appeals Judges, District Court Judges and District Magistrate Judge of the 4th Judicial District.

Kansas Supreme Court Justices

  • Position No. 4 Eric S. Rosen, Topeka
  • Position No. 6 Lee Johnson, Caldwell

Kansas Court of Appeals Judges

  • Position No. 1 Stephen D. Hill, Topeka
  • Position No. 4 Patrick D. McAnany, Overland Park
  • Position No. 5 Kim R. Schroeder, Hugoton
  • Position No. 7 Henry W. Green Jr., Leavenworth
  • Position No. 10 Anthony J. Powell, Wichita
  • Position No. 11 Tom Malone, Wichita
  • Position No. 12 Michael B. Buser, Overland Park
  • Position No. 13 Melissa Taylor Standridge, Overland Park

District Court Judges

4th Judicial District

  • Division No. 1 Phillip M. Fromme, Burlington

Notice is hereby given the following question shall be submitted to all qualified electors of the city of Melven, Kansas.


“Shall a retailers’ sales tax in the amount of one percent (1%) be levied in the City of Melvern, Kansas for the purpose of providing additional revenue for geometric improvements and an adequate level of public services with the City, including, but not limited to, the maintenance, replacement and improvements of city water and sewer lines, to take effect on January 1, 2015?”

The said election will be conducted in accordance with the General Election Laws of the State of Kansas.

The polls will open at 7:00 a.m. and will close at 7:00 p.m.

WITNESS my hand and official seal of said County this 22nd day of September, 2014.

(Seal) Rhonda Beets

Osage County Election Officer

Note: This notice was published as a courtesy to Osage County News’ readers. Osage County News charged no fee and received no compensation for publishing this information.

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