U.S. 75, K-268 traffic shifts onto new roundabout

The U.S. 75 roundabout project shifted into its fourth phase Wednesday; construction is expected to be completed next month.

The ongoing U.S. 75 roundabout project at state highways 31 and 268 has moved into its final phase, with traffic from the north, east and south routed onto the new roundabout Wednesday evening.

The Kansas Department of Transportation reports the fourth construction phase will remove a temporary north-south shoofly on U.S. 75, reroute traffic from state Highway 31 onto the roundabout, and construct remaining curb and gutter.

Wednesday, northbound and southbound traffic on U.S. 75 and eastbound and westbound traffic on K-268 were routed to the new roundabout, and will now fully use the roundabout. K-31 traffic will continue to use a shoofly on the southwest side of the roundabout while construction continues on the tie-in to the roundabout, and eastbound traffic will encounter a stop sign at U.S. 75.

With the traffic shift, a new access to the new commuter parking area south of K-268 was opened, and the parking lot will now be accessed from K-268. KDOT reported that a property fence will be erected on the east, south and west sides of the parking area, and asks drivers to allow extra room at the edge of the gravel for construction when parking in the lot.

The scheduled completion date for this project is mid to late November, weather permitting.

2 Responses to U.S. 75, K-268 traffic shifts onto new roundabout

  1. OsageWayne says:

    Gladys: I tried it today. I agree the intersection with K-31 is awkward. Hope people will pay attention until the roundabout is fully open. I was behind quite a stream of traffic coming from the north into the roundabout, and all seemed to get though it smoothly. Now we have a new landmark in Osage County.

  2. OsageWayne says:

    Note by Gladys Streeter: It works very smoothly if you are entering from K268 or US 75 but the K31 entrance is badly needed. I saw a large cattle truck get stuck trying to make the hard left onto the roundabout from the K31 stop sign to go North. They had to stop and back up, knocking down the markers and stuff. That is not good and will not happen once the K31 entrance is finished. I think it is going to be OK and it is nice not to have to stop and wait a long time to get through the intersection.

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