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November campaign to highlight the dangers of mixing household chemicals

110114-chemicalsThere’s an old saying that “oil and water don’t mix.” Try as you might, they just won’t do it.

However, there are many other chemicals one should never even try to mix because the result can be harmful, even fatal. And you probably have many of them in your home.

A state proclamation designates November as “Don’t Mix Chemicals, Read the Label First Month” in Kansas.

Starting in November, the Technological Hazards Section of the Kansas Division of Emergency Management will be reminding the public that “Don’t Mix Chemicals! Read the Label First!” The goal of this campaign is to reach out to the public to educate them on the dangers of mixing common household chemicals.

“Take two common household chemicals, ammonia and chlorine bleach,” said L’Tayna Christenberry, program consultant at Kansas Division of Emergency Management. “Each by themselves should be handled with care; they should never be mixed together. When mixed together they create hazardous fumes.”

Mixing chemicals can be harmful to humans, animals and the environment. During November, KDEM will be setting booths up at businesses, super markets and other locations to share information on general household hazardous chemical safety and proper hazardous waste disposal, as well as alternative ways to make household cleaners and other fun items, like body gel, toothpaste, and lotions.

Information thanks to Kansas Division of Emergency Management.

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