November: Show your appreciation to a military family

Jo Ellen Arnold, Frontier Extension District
Military Youth Outreach Program Coordinator

November is the “Month of the Military Family”. Each November the president of the United States issues a proclamation to celebrate the military family.

The military family has sacrificed much to make and keep our nation free; not just those who wear the uniform, but those family members left at home to keep the family unit going.

This is our chance to give back to those military families who have sacrificed, too. It is not hard to share some of your time, energy or talents with the one-parent family that must be both mom and dad to the children, or the grandparents who are raising the little ones while the parents are deployed or stationed away from home.

Do you know of a military family in your neighborhood? It can be as easy as taking cookies or sending food for supper one night, or baby sitting on a Saturday so mom can get some shopping done, or send them a card that says, “Thank you for what you and your family do to keep our country safe.”

Show them your appreciation with a few minutes of your time. Let them know that you care and that you recognize their sacrifices. It is up to our community to embrace these families and let them know we appreciate their sacrifices, too.

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