Ride into history with Amelia Earhart and Calamity Jane

earhart2The Osage City Area Arts Council is hosting a Ride into History with Amelia Earhart and Calamity Jane: One Frontier, Differently. The ride takes place at 3 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 18, in the Grace Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall, 210 Holliday St., Osage City. The two-act drama will be presented by Ann Birney and Joyce Thierer, as only they can do it.

Experience the mystique of flight and the excitement of the frontier as Ann and Joyce take you back in time through a captivating, historically accurate interpretation of Earhart and Calamity Jane. Accurate it is, except for this question, “What if the young Amelia had seen Calamity Jane at the Iowa State Fair when she saw her first airplane?”

Calamity Jane is associated with the frontier of the American west; Amelia Earhart with the frontier of flight. Although both helped create new frontiers, new possibilities, for women, their approach for each was quite different due to different times, backgrounds and, of course, individual wants and desires.

calamity1The audience will meet Earhart in April of 1937. Various setbacks cause postponement of her flight west around the world at the equator. She ultimately starts her journey going east. Having been the first woman to cross the Atlantic by air, she’s out to prove that a woman could be a pilot and not just a “sack of potatoes” along for the ride. With one last record to set, she takes off never to be seen again.

“Make the best of what life gives you,” was Calamity Jane’s motto. After her family disintegrated due to her parents’ deaths, Martha Jane Cannary was prepared to move on because of skills that had been taught to her. She could ride, hunt, farm and drive a team. The audience will meet Calamity Jane in 1900 as stories unfold and hilarious encounters ensue. Truth or fiction? You decide.

Refreshments will be served. Admission is by free will donation.

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Photos thanks to www.rideintohistory.com.

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