City council candidates load up local elections with choices

There will be some suspenseful races in upcoming city and school board elections – the filing deadline was today at noon. The city of Burlingame had the most candidates file than any other city in Osage County, with 10 candidates filing for three city council seats.

The Osage County Clerk’s office compiled an unofficial list of candidates filing for municipal positions across the county this afternoon. The list becomes official when the county clerk’s office receives the written certifications of candidates as provided by city clerks.

City of Burlingame

Three candidates filed for the position of Burlingame mayor: Vikki DeMars, Grizz Lee, Ray Hovestadt.

Ten candidates filed for three city council seats: Melissa Atwood, Ray Burns, Sheila Curtis, Steve Delekta, Brenda Dorr, Leslie D. Holman, Carolyn Lee, Kelly Lord-Vondruff, Douglas R. Moon, Carolyn Strohm.

City of Carbondale

In Carbondale, Michael Fulton was the only candidate to file for mayor, while Larry Hinck was the only candidate to file for one of two open city council seats.

City of Lyndon

At Lyndon, current mayor Brandon Smith was the only candidate to file for that position; William (Bill) Patterson was the sole candidate for two open city council seats.

City of Melvern

Melvern saw one candidate file for each open seat: Nancy Alley filed for mayor; Brendan C. Ryan and Brian Yockey filed for two open city council member positions.

City of Osage City     

Osage City had one candidate for mayor: Quintin J. Robert, current mayor. The city will also see races in three of its four wards. Filing in the 1st Ward was Edward D. Berends, Denise Lauber; 2nd Ward – Michael J. Handly, Seth King; 3rd Ward – Linda S. Carson, Gail Lohmeyer; and 4th Ward – Dale J. Schwieger.

City of Overbrook     

In Overbrook, three city council positions are open with four candidates filing: JoAnne Allen, Sheila Dale, Tammy J. Metzger and David Penrod.

City of Quenemo

At Quenemo, Adam Anderson filed for mayor, while Michael Burgess, Craig H. Lamberd and David Wayne Schuyler filed for two open city council seats.

City of Scranton       

Scranton drew five candidates for three open city council member positions: Kenneth Hart, Jack Mayfield, Amy Miner, Kenneth Ming and Tim Nedeau.

Election dates are March 3, 2015, for the city and school primary election, in cities and districts as required, and April 7, 2015, for the city and school general election.

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