Filings in Osage County Courthouse March 30 – April 3, 2015

The following information was compiled from records at the Osage County Courthouse March 30 through April 3, 2015.

Domestic Cases

Lakin Marie Brunkow v. Jonathan Lee Brunkow. Petition for divorce. Filed 3/30/15. 15DM053

Matthew S. Boling v. Alana D. Palmer. Petition for divorce. Filed 3/30/15. 15DM054

Karen Ann Smith v. Tim Allen Smith. Petition for divorce. Filed 3/31/15. 15DM055

Limited Cases

Rocking KM Vet Service v. Kleah S. Mayhan. Recovery of money. Filed 3/27/15. Amount: $355.02, interest, costs and other. 15LM067

Portfolio Recovery Associates v. William Born. Recovery of money. Filed 3/31/15. Amount: $1,042.54, interest, costs and other. 15LM068

Mental Health Center of East Central Kansas v. Heather D. Schulte. Recovery of money. Filed 4/1/15. Amount: $630, interest, costs and other. 15LM069

Probate Cases

Jeanne Kinnett. Letters of administration. Filed 4/2/15. 15PR17

Civil Cases

Mallon Family LLC v. Asset Lifecycle. Breach of contract. Filed 4/1/15. 15CV026

Catherine Pullen and Jason Pullen v. Davis Tucker. Recovery of money. Filed 4/1/15. Amount: In Excess of $75,000. 15CV027


Floyd D. Drown and Sondra J. Drown to Ronald D. Moore and Tracie A. Moore. Tract SE ¼ 12-15-15.

JPMorgan Chase Bank to Treffley B. Girard. Tract NW ¼ 2-17-16.

Terence L. Goodell Revocable Trust to James Neil Spencer and Duston Arthur Neil Spencer. NW ¼ 8-17-17.

Bank of Burlingame to David L. Dreyer and Diane M. Dreyer. N ½ Lots 9-11, Block 18, Original Burlingame.

Gary K. Britt to Tabitha M. Patterson. Lots 28-32, Block 7, South Park Addition, Burlingame.

Dorothy Heise Testamentary Trust to Samuel E. Halbert and Deanna V. Halbert. Tract NE ¼ 3-14-14 and NW ¼ 2-14-14.

Barbara E. Paxton to Rusty Sowers. Lots 8 and 10, Block 12, Original Town Osage City.

Abby M. Strong to Karol J. Wilhite Trust. Lot 5 and Lot 3, exc N 15’, Block 12, Original Overbrook.

Robert Mersmann and Ronda Mersmann to Clinton E. Bosse and Josie G. Bosse. Lot 7, Block 30, Osage Carbon Company’s 2nd Addition, Osage City.

Jerrod Hottman and Jennifer Hottman to John Waters. Tract SE ¼ 13-15-15.

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