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Burlingame buildings collapse

All that remains of two buildings along Santa Fe Avenue in Burlingame are pits filled with bricks and debris.

Two buildings being demolished in Burlingame came down sooner than expected Thursday evening. Demolition had been ongoing at 107 E. Santa Fe Ave., a one-story former newspaper office, and 109 E. Santa Fe Ave., a two-story brick building, since April 9.

Friday, Burlingame Mayor Mike Dorr said it had been reported to him that the two-story building fell about 6 p.m. Thursday, after Jay Butterfield, who was awarded the contract to demolish the two buildings, had left the site for the evening.

Dorr said no one was at the site when the buildings fell, but bricks fell on two pieces of equipment used by Butterfield, a mechanical manlift and a scissor lift.

At the site Friday, all that remained of the buildings were piles of bricks that were once walls, and two pits – one filled with bricks and the other filled with lumber and debris.

Dorr said some debris had fallen into the street, but workers removed it and a magnet was used to pick up nails and metal fragments.

A decorative city light pole near the site was also damaged, but Dorr said that damage had happened during demolition activity before the buildings fell.

The condition of the buildings has been scrutinized by the city for several years, with the current demolition proceedings ongoing for more than a year.

Another building, at 105 E. Santa Fe Ave. next to the old newspaper office, is also under an order from the city for repair or demolition, but it is not part of the current demolition plan. It wasn’t apparent whether that building was damaged when the other two collapsed.

In recent weeks, Burlingame resident Eileen Smith has twice asked the Osage County Commission to intervene in the proposed demolition of the buildings, citing their historical value to the town and county. She noted the buildings’ location on the Santa Fe Trail, and Burlingame’s history as part of trade and commerce along the trail.

Commissioners advised Smith they did not have jurisdiction in the city limits of Burlingame and could not intervene in the city’s plans for demolition.



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