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Ag Wire: CRP signup starts soon

USDA will conduct a four-week general sign-up for the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), beginning May 20 and ending on June 14. CRP protects the nation’s natural resources through voluntary participation, while providing significant economic and environmental benefits to rural communities across the United States. Currently, about 27 million acres are enrolled while 32.0 million acres are authorized for CRP.

Producers that are accepted in the program can receive cost-share assistance to plant long-term, resource-conserving covers and receive an annual rental payment for the length of the contract which is 10-15 years. Contracts on 3.3 million acres of CRP nationwide, including 212,000 in Kansas, are set to expire on Sept. 30, 2013. Producers with expiring contracts or producers with environmentally sensitive land are encouraged to evaluate their options under CRP.

DCP/ACRE sign-up continues

The sign-up period for Direct and Counter Cyclical Program (DCP) and Average Crop Revenue Election Program (ACRE) are still open. The DCP signup period will end on Aug. 2; ACRE signup period will end on June 3.

The 2013 DCP and ACRE program provisions are unchanged from 2012, except that all eligible participants in 2013 may choose to enroll in either DCP or ACRE for the 2013 crop year. This means that eligible producers who were enrolled in ACRE in 2012 may elect to enroll in DCP in 2013 or may re-enroll in ACRE in 2013. Likewise producers who were enrolled in DCP may opt for ACRE enrollment.

For more information about these programs, or to make an appointment to enroll, contact the Osage County FSA office at 115 W. 17th St., Lyndon, KS 66451, or call 785-828-4631.

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