Facts for Living: Prepare Kansas

By Rebecca McFarland, Frontier Extension Agent

Droughts, floods, fires and tornadoes are all disasters that we can experience in the heartland. Would you have been prepared to take action if you were in one of these situations? Many people have installed smoke detectors, fire alarms, and dead bolt locks in their homes, and stocked extra food in the pantry. But, to be prepared, you should also have a household inventory, check your insurance coverage, and prepare a grab-and-go box.

080714-facts-for-living1The Frontier Extension District will be offering an online financial preparedness challenge throughout the month of September. Prepare Kansas is an annual K-State Research and Extension online challenge designed to help individuals and families be better prepared ahead of disasters which can make recovery easier. The program focuses on a few activities every week during September.

Each year the activities focus on an aspect of becoming prepared. This year, we will focus on planning ahead for weather situations such as temperature extremes, tornadoes, floods, drought and fire. A little work now can make recovering less difficult. The program will be broken down to a few activities to do each week, which makes it easier than if you’re trying to do many activities from a long list. Working on each activity gives families an opportunity to not only work together on becoming better prepared, but can spark conversations about preparedness in general and the best ways to handle future emergencies.

Registration for the challenge is now open at http://bit.ly/1It2tpU. We will have more information on our website www.frontierdistrict.ksu.edu soon, as well as information in our offices. Also, look for a display and information at the Franklin County Fair, July 15-18, Anderson County Fair, Aug. 3-8, and Overbrook Fair, Aug. 12-16.

McFarland_RebeccaRebecca McFarland is the Frontier Extension District family and child development agent. For more information, she can be contacted at Frontier Extension’s Ottawa office, 1418 S. Main, Suite 2, Ottawa, KS 66067, or call 785-229-3520, or email [email protected].

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