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Kansas prosecutors convene statewide committee on best practices

WICHITA – On June 17, 2015, Osage County Attorney Brandon L. Jones joined senior prosecutors from across the state in Wichita, representing his jurisdiction in a statewide committee recently established to lead efforts for positive improvements in the criminal justice system. Fourteen counties were represented at the meeting.

The Kansas County and District Attorneys Association best practices committee provides a forum for prosecutors to collaborate on emerging issues by encouraging positive discussion and providing access to policy resources in order to continue to improve the overall prosecution function and the criminal justice system. The charge of the committee is to identify and advise the KCDAA board of directors on new and emerging statewide issues for prosecutors and make recommendations to the board for appropriate statewide initiatives dedicated to positive change and improvements in the criminal justice system.

The Kansas best practices committee was officially established by the KCDAA board on March 26, 2015. The committee will meet at least twice annually and will address issues such as prosecutor media relations, law enforcement techniques, prosecutorial ethics, and discovery. The committee’s next meeting will be held during the KCDAA fall conference in October.

This leadership by Kansas prosecutors mirrors a nationwide initiative, “Best Practices for Justice”, led by Kristine Hamann, visiting fellow at the Bureau of Justice Assistance. Hamann is a former assistant district attorney in the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

Information thanks to Osage County Attorney’s Office.

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