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District court converts to paperless system

Monday marked the first day of Osage County District Court’s conversion to a paperless system.

Last month, Osage County Court Clerk Charna Williams advised local attorneys and abstractors that most files since 2007 have been scanned, and scanned case files will only be available through the court’s public access system.

“Space is becoming a premium for the courts and this was a way to help,” Williams said.

She said the court office will email copies of files upon request, and paper copies can be provided at 25 cents per page.

“Any case that hasn’t been scanned can still be viewed and, if authorized, may still be checked out,” she said.

Williams said the changeover does not require “e-filing” of court documents, which will be filed as usual for now.

“This will be an interesting process, so thank you for understanding in advance,” Williams said of the changeover.

For more information, contact the district court office at 785-828-4713 or email [email protected].

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