Letter to Editor: Law favors cattle owners, not unfortunate drivers

To all auto drivers who have a (near miss) accident with a cow in which you steer away to avoid hitting the cow: You take the ditch and flip the truck over and total it out! It’s not the farmer’s fault! Know the laws before trying the court.

As always the law is in favor of the cattle farmer – the cow gets loose from the fence and creates the accident. Heaven forbid it to be the fault of the profiting cattle farmer unless you prove negligence. But if you have a dog get loose from a fence and it bites someone, it’s your fault. A legislator (cattle farmer) must have created such a law. Ridiculous!

Oh, by the way thanks for the use of a subpoena for trying to get an Osage County sheriff to show as a witness! They don’t have to show up, that is an unwritten rule. Again fairness is not always justified in the court system.

Interpreting the laws: If those kinds of decisions are based on seven years of education to earn a college law degree, what a waste! I bet someone homeless, uneducated, would render a better decision.

Thanks Osage County for a one-sided judicial system! You made my day!

Daniel E. Meredith
Berryton, Kan.

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