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Home intrusion suspect faces charges; victim files petition for protection

LYNDON – The suspect in a home invasion that was shot by a resident Oct. 8 at Overbrook appeared in Osage County District Court today, with the judge appointing an attorney and continuing the first appearance in the case until Thursday. In a separate court filing, the victim in the home invasion case has filed a petition for protection from stalking against the suspect, Bruce A. Jolly, 48, of Overbrook.

Jolly is being held in the Osage County Jail on $100,000 bond and $5,000 bond after being charged in two separate cases Wednesday.

One complaint filed by Osage County Attorney Brandon Jones alleges that Jolly committed felony aggravated burglary by entering the home of Ashley Mundy on Oct. 8 with the intent to commit a felony, theft or sexually motivated crime. Jolly is also charged with misdemeanor criminal damage to property for breaking a window at the Mundy residence.

A second complaint alleges that on Sept. 28 Jolly burglarized a vehicle belonging to Amber C. Olson, and stole a purse valued at less than $1,000 belonging to Olson. The vehicle burglary charge is a felony; the theft charge is a misdemeanor.

Jolly was identified as a suspect in the home invasion after a resident of the Mundy home reported an intruder had forced entry into her home, and the subject was shot and fled from the residence. Following the emergency call from the resident, Osage County 911 received a call from Jolly, who had been shot and was at a neighbor’s house. At the time, Jolly was transported to Stormont Vail Hospital injured but in an unknown condition.

Deputies at the courthouse today indicated Jolly had been arrested yesterday. Jolly said in court that he had been out of the hospital for two days.

After the hearing, Jones said he could not comment on the extent of Jolly’s injuries from the shooting, citing federal privacy laws, but Jolly appeared in court with his left forearm wrapped in an elastic bandage with no other signs of injury evident.

While law enforcement officials have declined to identify who shot Jolly, on Oct. 14 Mundy filed a petition for protection of stalking order against Jolly, stating she had fired a gun at Jolly when she encountered him in her home.

Mundy said in the petition that she was afraid of Jolly “for my child and I both because I do not know what his intentions were or who/if someone was with him.”

In the petition, Mundy said she was awakened early in the morning of Oct. 8 by the sound of glass breaking. She said that about five minutes later she heard steps on her hardwood floor at the top of her stairs, at which time she “got my gun ready”.

She said the intruder talked to her dog and it wagged its tail, and she “ran down the hallway toward the intruder” where she said it appeared he was trying to disarm a front door security sensor. Mundy said she asked him what he was doing in her house, at which time the intruder stepped toward her “bringing him within a few feet of me when I fired my weapon.”

In the petition, Mundy said her young son was also in the home at the time of the shooting.

As basis for the protection order, Mundy cited the home intrusion and another incident in which she accused Jolly of stealing a weedeater from her garage. She said the weedeater was later recovered from Jolly’s residence.

Court documents indicate Jolly lives at 908 Oak St., Overbrook, and Mundy’s residence is a few houses away on Oak Street.

Osage County Magistrate Judge Taylor Wine authorized a temporary protection order against Jolly, with a hearing on the petition set for Nov. 4. The temporary order restrains Jolly from following, harassing, telephoning or contacting Mundy or her child, or entering or coming around the premises of her residence.

In reaffirming Jolly’s bond Wednesday, Wine ordered Jolly to have no contact with the victims in either case if he is able to post bond and released from custody. Conditions of the bond also require electronic monitoring if he is released. Also during Wednesday’s hearing, Wine appointed attorney William Bayne to represent Jolly.

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