Topeka man dies after being tased, pepper sprayed by Osage County deputies

Osage County Sheriff Laurie Dunn has reported that a Topeka man died after officers deployed tasers and pepper spray to gain control of the subject.

In a press release issued today, Dunn said Osage County 911 received a call from Shawnee County 911 about a possible domestic disturbance at 11651 S. Jordan Road in Osage County at 1:20 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Osage County sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene at 1:35 a.m. and found an ongoing domestic disturbance with a hostage situation. Osage County deputies deployed tasers and OC spray (oleoresin capsicum spray) to attempt to gain control of the suspect, later identified as Kenneth Schick, 48, of Topeka. Schick was transported to a Topeka hospital by Osage County EMS and died later that morning. Dunn said no firearms were used in the incident.

The sheriff said the cause of death is still pending and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation is investigating the case, and there will be no further comments from her office until the Kansas Bureau of Investigation has completed its investigation.

3 Responses to Topeka man dies after being tased, pepper sprayed by Osage County deputies

  1. Ralph H says:

    What a waste of life. Those Osage County cops think their all that. Honestly … People fear the county cops. At a traffic stop, not just one cop is involved, usually 3-4 cars show up.

  2. John Lloyd Scharf says:

    Three officers could not handle a 47 year old man without a TASER, which is a lethal weapon? A TASER should be used instead of a firearm; not a substitute for restraint. It was a negligent homicide. IF these were regular citizens, they'd have been charged with a crime.

    • Austin Cassidy says:

      In L.A. the cops I know n worked at their homes would tell you that scuffing their boots and wrinkling the uniform is involved in all restraints. Easier to taze because its less messy. They also said this applied to ghetto patrol… stay in the car because the ghetto is like a self cleaning oven. They show up to write a report and guard the cadaver till the coroner arrives. Not sarcasm or joke … real truth.

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