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Chicken Scratchin’s: Vacancies at birdhouse gourd-plex

Vacancies, tenants welcomedEarlier this year I suggested using a cold winter day to work on a birdhouse gourd project. Last week felt like winter even though the calendar has been turned to May. So what better time to finish the birdhouse project than a snowy day in May?

We had painted the gourds white a few weeks ago. The next step was to fashion some way to hang them. We have lots of wind up here on the hilltop and I thought the birdhouses would need to have some sway built in to keep them hanging.

In the workshop making gourd hangers.

In the workshop making gourd hangers.

Our farm already had a tall post with space to fasten birdhouses, but this was our first year to hang four gourds.

We drilled holes and pushed a heavy wire through the neck of the gourd and made a loop in each end of the wire. To this we added a bail that curved over the neck. We think this will allow the birdhouse to move and sway in strong wind instead of just snapping off.

Once the hangers were completed, we were able to get the post down, attach our birdhouses to the cross beams on top of the post, then raise the post back into the air.

We know we can’t expect purple martins to stop by and establish new homes the first year, but our new gourd four-plex is open and ready for guests.


Gourd family waits to be put on a pole.

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