Emporia’s Match Day highlights collaboration for solving community challenges

In conjunction with Community Foundation Week, Nov. 12-18, 2015, the Emporia Community Foundation will hold its second annual Emporia Area Match Day event. The ECF will join more than 750 community foundations across America to celebrate the significance of this week.  For more than 25 years, the effort has raised awareness about the increasing role of these philanthropic organizations in fostering local collaboration and innovation to address persistent civic and economic challenges.

Building on the success of the first Emporia Area Match Day held on Dec. 1, 2014, the ECF will have a bigger pot of matching money at this year’s event.  From 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 16, donors can go to the Flinthills Mall to visit the booths of the 20 organizations and to drop off their donation for one or more of their favorite charities that will be matched with private funds.

“The ECF has received $37,500 in matching funds that will be distributed proportionately to the organizations,” said Loni Heinen, the foundation’s program officer.  “That is nearly double the $20,000 the event distributed last year and the number of participating organizations has grown from 15 to 20 this year.  The nonprofits don’t just benefit from the donations and matching funds, but it helps create awareness of their services and value to the community in addition to the chance for them to get together and talk about how their efforts can align.”

The goals for the event are not only to expand philanthropy but also allow for local nonprofits to benefit from pass through funds to support their programs and operations.  The biggest win for the donor is that all donations are tax-deductible and can all be made in one transaction through the Emporia Community Foundation with all donations going to the charity of their choice.

Here’s how it works: Come to the Flinthills Mall between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Nov. 16.  After visiting the various booths of the organizations, come to the ECF table to make a donation to one or more organization by selecting which charities should receive a donation.  Donors can pay via cash, credit card or by check.

The $37,500 match pool will be divided among organizations in proportion to the total amount raised.  For example, an organization can receive 20 percent of the pool ($7,400) if contributions to their organization equal 20 percent of the total amount raised.

There is no maximum or minimum amount that a donor has to make to have their donation count toward the matching funds; however, the maximum amount that can be used towards the match is $1,000. All donations are tax deductible.

Matching funds comes from five donors:  Clint Bowyer’s 79 Fund, Hopkins Foundation, Reeble Foundation, Trusler Foundation and the WS & EC Jones Testamentary Trust, Bank of America, N.A. Trustee.  Additional sponsors have contributed funds for hourly prizes, special recognition prizes, and prizes to go to various organizations.

“We are humbled by the response and generosity of our funding partners,” said ECF’s executive director, Shirley Antes.

Parents and grandparents are also encouraged to bring their children and grandchildren to Match Day and enjoy the activities that will be available to anyone coming to the mall that day.  Children will have the opportunity to give back on Match Day by picking up a bag of change from the ECF booth and placing coins in containers placed at each organization’s booth.  These donations, while not be eligible for a tax deduction, will be counted toward the match pool.

A list of participating organizations, along with additional information, can be found at www.emporiacf.org or picked up in the foundation office at 527 Commercial, Suite 501, Emporia.  ECF will announce the total amount raised and present checks to each organization at a special ceremony on Dec. 1, at the Flinthills Mall.

Community Foundation Week was created in 1989 by former president George H.W. Bush.  It recognizes the work of community foundations throughout America and their collaborative approach to working with the public, private and nonprofit sectors to address community problems.  Match Day is an example of how this collaboration works through the donations of the public and private donors and their generosity in helping the nonprofit sector.

Information thanks to Emporia Community Foundation.

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