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CenturyLink restores service to Internet customers impacted by outage

CenturyLink customers in Osage County were part of about 1 million of the company’s customers who were without Internet services for almost nine hours earlier today.

According to the company’s Kansas media contact, Pamela Anderson, the service outage primarily affected customers who use DSL and some of the company’s other Internet applications.

Anderson said an issue with the company’s core routers caused the outage that began about 3:30 a.m. Tuesday.

She said the service outage was not isolated to Kansas and described the problems as widespread.

“Approximately one million customers could have been impacted,” Anderson said.

She said service was restored to most affected customers by noon today, and the equipment issues have been resolved.

A Tweet on the company’s website posted about 4 p.m. today also said service had been restored to most customers, and advised customers still having issues to power cycle their modem or contact the company by email at [email protected].

During the service outage, callers to the company’s tech support line received a message telling them to refer to the company’s website for technical assistance.

Anderson said the company is still reviewing the impact on customers.

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