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Authorities investigate 3 deaths near Pomona

FRANKLIN COUNTY (KCTV5) – Authorities say a person of interest and vehicle sought in connection with the deaths of three people whose bodies were found on a rural Franklin County property have been found.

The Kansas Highway Patrol said that 27-year-old Kyle Flack and two other people were taken into custody about 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. The black 2007 Toyota Corolla that authorities were also looking for was also found.

Flack was taken into custody in Emporia.

This comes a day after the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office issued a bulletin for Flack and 22-year-old Cyle Mathew Bailey.

A man saying he was Bailey contacted KCTV5 about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday to say he was at the Lake of the Ozarks and had not been in Franklin County in some months. He told KCTV5’s Laura McCallister that he learned from news reports that detectives wanted to speak with him, so he called investigators in an effort to clear his name.

Franklin County Sheriff Jeff Richards confirmed to KCTV5’s Heather Staggers that investigators spoke with Bailey and no longer need to speak with him about the case.

Both the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and the Kansas Highway Patrol have canceled their bulletin for Bailey, whose brother was married to a missing woman who some relatives believe is one of the victims.

Authorities still wanted to speak with Flack, who lives on the property where the bodies were found. The investigation appears to be focused on a shed that sits near the home at 3197 Georgia Rd., which is about a quarter mile north of Highway 68 2 1/2 miles east of Pomona. Police have closed the road while the investigation continues.

Frustration is mounting that authorities have not issued an Amber Alert or alerted the public to the woman’s missing 1-year-old daughter.

More than 40 detectives have been working the large crime scene on the rural farm. The first of the three bodies was found by a friend of the property owner Monday afternoon.

Officials have not said who the three dead people are or how they were killed.

Richards said the manner of death is important to the investigation.

“We won’t reveal it because it could be crucial in solving this crime,” the sheriff said.

Andrew Stout, the property owner, his girlfriend, Kaylie Bailey, and Stout’s roommate, Steven Eugene White, 31, are missing. Relatives and loved ones say they fear they are the woman and two men whose bodies were found on Stout’s farm.

White’s mother, Carla Fisher, is worried sick about her son.

“My heart just stopped,” she said. “Steven, if you are out there, call me, please. I wish they would tell me something.”

Bailey’s husband, Shawn Patrick Bailey, 25, is in jail in Laclede County, MO. Shawn Bailey and Kyle Flack were accused in a January burglary. Flack spent time in prison for shooting a man, who later died.

He was originally convicted in 2005 of attempted second-degree murder. The case was amended when the victim died some years later. Flack was released from prison in April 2012.

Shawn Bailey and Cyle Bailey served time in Kansas prisons for their roles in a 2008 burglary in Franklin County. The man who identified himself as Cyle Bailey said he didn’t know anything about Kaylie Bailey or her missing baby.

Cyle and Shawn Bailey’s mother told KCTV5 that she is upset that police have not issued an Amber Alert or endangered child alert for her missing granddaughter.

The Olathe Police Department confirmed Tuesday afternoon that they took on Friday a missing persons report for Kaylie Bailey, 21, and her 1-year-old daughter, Lana L. Bailey.

The little girl remains missing, and authorities in Franklin County and Olathe have refused to say why they have not had an Amber Alert issued for the missing girl.

Kortni McGill, a friend of the couple, said she is distraught about the situation and doesn’t understand why an Amber Alert has not been issued for the missing baby.

“I’m worried about the baby,” she said. “Where is the baby?”

Kaylie Bailey was reported missing after she didn’t report for work on May 1. Stout, 30, was last heard from on April 25.

His friends came to check on his animals and said they found Kaylie Bailey’s body when they smelled decomposition in a shed on the property.

Friends said Kaylie Bailey went to the residence to drop off her baby because she said Stout was going to take care of her daughter.

Those living on the property were Stout, White, Flack and Dylan Leach, friends said.

Fisher knows the answers will come, and she fears what the answers will be.

“We are going to find out sooner or later,” she said. “Something else is going on besides what they are letting us know. That’s what I feel.”

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This report is by DeAnn Smith, KCTV digital content manager; Sandra Olivas, KCTV reporter; Heather Staggers, KCTV reporter; and Laura McCallister, KCTV multimedia producer. KCTV5’s Jeanene Kiesling and Chris Oberholtz contributed to this report.

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