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Topeka artist’s exhibit features scenes along the Santa Fe Trail

Almost 200 years after William Bicknell made his way from Franklin, Mo., to Santa Fe, N.M., Topeka artist Cally Krallman set out on a Santa Fe Trail adventure of her own. She paralleled the 868 mile route with camera in hand to document her own version of the remnants of the famous trail, and upon her return created more than 25 paintings to capture her experience.

The exhibit, titled “Along the Santa Fe Trail”, is showing at Beauchamp’s gallery in Topeka, beginning mid November and running to mid January 2016.

“I had written a song about the Santa Fe Trail, and I wanted to get a better sense of what people might have experienced centuries ago by traveling it myself and really try to take in the visual experience of it all,” Krallman said. “Of course riding in a Dodge Caravan was no comparison to riding in the real covered wagon caravan, but I certainly tried to wrap my head around what their experience must have been like.”

Beauchamp’s owner Bob Swain thinks she did just that.

“I think Cally did a wonderful job of capturing both the beauty and the spirit of the Santa Fe Trail,” said Swain.

The exhibit features oil and acrylic paintings of all sizes including grand scenes from Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado. Many of the works include historical and geographical information to help viewers identify each painting’s location along the trail.

For more information, contact Swain at Beauchamps at 785-233-0300 or, or visit the gallery at 3113 SW Huntoon St., Topeka.

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