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Arvonia’s restoration receives boost from Emporia-area Match Day

EMPORIA – Emporia-area donors united to support 20 nonprofit organizations, including the Arvonia Historic Preservation Society, during the second Emporia Area Match Day on Nov. 16 at the Flinthills Mall, with check distributions made on Giving Tuesday, Dec. 1.  The event raised more than $78,000 through the generosity of more than 850 donations from approximately 375 donors.  Donations ranged from small amounts of change to $5,000.  This year’s event raised a grand total of $121,950.75, which included $37,500 in match money, additional prize money and the $78,050.76 in donations.  This year’s donations exceeded last year by more than double and the total amount distributed to the organizations is nearly double the $61,432.98 distributed after last year’s event.

The Emporia Community Foundation partnered with five funding partners for this year’s event to provide the $37,500 in matching funds to the 20 charitable organizations from the Emporia area.  Funding partners included the three funders who partnered for the inaugural Match Day event, Hopkins, Reeble & Trusler Foundations, in addition to two new funders – Clint Bowyer’s 79 Fund and the W.S.&E.C. Jones Testamentary Trust.  The match money was a pro-rated percentage match calculated in proportion to the total amount raised.

Organizations and the total from their Match Day efforts, along with the match money and additional prizes awarded throughout the event, include:

  • Arvonia Historic Preservation Society – $4,833.85
  • Birthright of Emporia – $4,098.09
  • Chase County Care and Compassion – $24,880.84
  • ECKAN – Lyon County – $1,480.89
  • Emporia Area Habitat for Humanity – $6,967.99
  • Emporia Celebrates the Flint Hills – $3,669.63
  • Emporia Eastside Community Group – $2,047.13
  • Emporia Municipal Band – $4,786.93
  • Emporia Senior Center – $2,334.88
  • Food for Students – $11,887.33
  • Friends of the Emporia Animal Shelter – $28,783.83
  • Hispanics of Today and Tomorrow – $1,583.80
  • Lyon County Crime Stoppers – $1,425.93
  • Lyon County Department on Aging RSVP – $1,878.95
  • Lyon County Restricted Emergency Fund – $3,732.45
  • Military Care Packages – $3,515.89
  • Never Let Go Fund – $5,078.10
  • Project TEEN – Flint Hills Community Health Center, Inc. – $2,061.82
  • Sertoma Train – $2,570.59
  • What’s in Outdoors – $4,331.83

“The community has unbelievably supported this event well beyond my expectations.  I’m just astounded,” said Shirley Antes, executive director for the Emporia Community Foundation.  “We are honored to be able to host this philanthropic event that has brought hundreds of people together to support 20 deserving charitable organizations.  We can’t begin to thank every Match Day sponsor and donor enough for their support.”

For more information about the Emporia Community Foundation, see or call 620-342-9304.

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