Filings in Osage County Courthouse Dec. 28, 2015 – Jan. 1, 2016

The following information was compiled from records at the Osage County Courthouse Dec. 28, 2015, through Jan. 1, 2016.

Domestic Cases

  • Tabetha D. Wenger v. John L. Wenger. Petition for divorce. Filed 12/28/15. 15DM262
  • Jackson County Children’s Division v. Rachel Miller. Support. Filed 12/31/15. 15DM264

Limited Cases

  • Jerry’s Inc. v. Stephanie L. Stephens. Recovery of money. Filed 12/28/15. Amount: $1,194, interest, cost and other. 15LM326
  • Richard Bennett v. Alan Carlson. Recovery of money. Filed 12/24/15. Amount: $371.13, interest, cost and other. 15LM327
  • Jerry’s Inc. v. Floyd Dorsey. Recovery of money. Filed 12/28/15. Amount: $505.13, interest, cost and other. 15LM328


  • Margaret L. DeBaun to Martin A. Fager and Tammyra L. Swift. Tract SW ¼ 25-16-14.
  • Ted L. Davis and Patricia A. Davis trusts to Trevor J. Anderson and Stephanie A. Anderson. Tract SE ¼ 25-17-14.
  • Diane M. Reynolds to Cody Freerksen and Whitney L. Freerksen. Tract NE ¼ 4-16-16.
  • Ben Winans Estate to C. Gregory Schultz and SueAnn V. Schultz. Tract SE ¼ 30-15-17.
  • Matthew Freeland and Julie Freeland to Christopher B. Blackburn and Patricia Blackburn. Tract SE ¼ 6-14-14.
  • Patricia M. Noble to John W. Tramell. Odd Lots 29-35, Block 6, Wetherell’s 1st Addition, Osage City.
  • Justin D. Hall to Ray C. Streeter and Jamette M. Streeter. Lots 9-12, White’s Subdivision.
  • Ben Winans Estate to G-IX Ranch LLC. Tract NW ¼ and SW ¼ 29-15-17.
  • Garlena G. Anstaett Trust to Bryant W. Derley and Brianna J. Derley. Tract SW ¼ 30-16-16.
  • Darrell W. Simpson and Penny L. Simpson to Dennis Dean Shry. Lot 6 and S ½ Lot 4, Block 4, Fairchild’s Addition, Overbrook.
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