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Count our blessings

By Stephanie Watson

Science says the average person uses only 11 percent of the brain’s capacity. World renowned astrophysicist Steven Hawkins maybe has tapped 15 to 18 percent of his brain’s capacity. The brain is a marvelous but delicate organ that controls our bodies, our thought process, our emotions and our dreams.

There is a segment of our society that either by birth defect or early childhood injury or illness, the brain cannot operate at the typical capacity. The condition is called developmentally disabled. This condition sometimes is complicated by physical impairments that make their bodies deformed and impaired. The more severely disabled usually require personal care 24/7 while the less disabled may be able to live on their own with little or no assistance.

Even with their limited mental and sometimes limited physical capacity, they can teach us “normal” people amazing things. But we have to have an open mind to learn what they have to offer. They can teach us that simple is often better. They can teach us about patience. They can teach us about humility. They can teach us the true meaning of unconditional love. But probably most of all, they can teach us how to count our blessings.

I have known and talked to many parents who have raised developmentally disabled children. They are a lot of hard work and very challenging. There were good days and there were bad days. There were good weeks and there were bad weeks. And so on. Many times more bad than good. But they all told me that they loved this “special” child dearly and the one common statement I heard the most was that their child was truly a blessing and they would not trade them for any other child on earth!

Many parents and families are not capable of caring for these children. And as these children grow up physically, they usually don’t progress mentally without lots of care and one-on-one teaching and attention. And their family has also aged and often can no longer care for them.

The reason I chose to write a short article about this is very simple. When these special peoples’ families are not able to properly care for them, we become their families!

Come enjoy the month of March at the Osage County Senior Center, 604 Market St., Osage City; call 785-528-4906 for information.

Osage County general public transportation has planned the following trips in March:

  • March 3 – leaving the center at 9 a.m. traveling to Paola, Miami County Historical Museum; lunch on your own at Beethoven’s restaurant. The bus trip has a suggested donation of $3.
  • March 10 – leaving the center at 9 a.m. traveling to Ottawa, antique store shopping, and lunch on your own at Luigi’s, an Italian restaurant. Suggested donation $3.
  • March 23 – leaving the center at 9 a.m., to Lyndon, As Good As New, Help House, and on to Topeka for thrift shop shopping; lunch, Long John Silvers. Suggested donation $3.
  • March 31 – leaving the center at 9 a.m., to Emporia antique stores; lunch at Amanda’s Bakery. Suggested donation $3.


  • Thursday, March 3: Art and painting 9 a.m.; crafting with Ella 10 a.m.; Paola, Miami County Historical Museum 9 a.m.
  • Friday, March 4: Balloon volleyball 9 a.m.; bingo 10 a.m.; yoga 11 a.m.; cribbage 12:15 p.m.
  • Monday, March 7: Sewing 8 a.m.; armchair exercise 11 a.m.; abstract art 12 p.m.; cribbage 12:15 p.m.; play pitch and eat 5:15 p.m., cards begin at 5:45 p.m.
  • Tuesday, March 8: Ceramics 9 a.m.; Mexican Train games 1 p.m.
  • Wednesday, March 9: Sewing 8 a.m.; armchair exercise 10:30 a.m.; cribbage 12:15 p.m.; AARP tax service day.
  • Thursday, March 10: Art and painting 9 a.m.; crafting with Ella 10 a.m.; Ottawa, antique store shopping 9 a.m.
  • Friday, March 11: Balloon volleyball 9 a.m.; bingo 10 a.m.; yoga 11 a.m.; cribbage 12:15 p.m.
  • Saturday, March 12: Fundraiser for the nutrition site 7-10 a.m., biscuits and gravy.

See Osage County Senior Center general transportation bus schedule here.
See Mid America Nutrition Program daily menus here.

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