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Controlled burn catches elevator, old building on fire at Allen

A building in Allen, Kan., is engulfed in flames after catching fire from blowing embers from a fire at the town’s old elevator.

By Dean Erickson, KVOE

ALLEN, Kan. – Firefighters from several communities and counties were called to a blaze around 11:30 Friday morning, March 11, at the old elevator on the southeast corner of Allen. That particular fire was contained rather quickly, however not before hot embers were blown all over town thanks to a steady south wind.

Those embers caught the building at 403 Main on fire, and that blaze quickly raged out of control. The building was described by current residents as being the old Masonic lodge. The building, according to authorities, was a total loss.

Main Street on the north and south sides of Allen was closed off to through traffic for the better part of the midday, while agencies from Admire, Americus, Allen, Miller, Emporia, Osage City and Dunlap battled the inferno. Residents whose properties surrounded the lodge began spraying down their homes and yards with water to prevent any sort of a flare up.   Lyon County Sheriff Jeff Cope said the ordeal began when a controlled burn at the elevator site got out of control.

Cope said the party responsible for the controlled burn is responsible for the containment of that fire, and would be held liable for the fire getting out of control. Cope also added that there was not any notable damage done to surrounding structures other than some possible heat damage to a nearby roof. Initially there have been no injuries reported in this fire.

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