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17 seniors graduate at Marais des Cygnes Valley High School

Amid “Pomp and Circumstance” Marais des Cygnes Valley High School Principal Steve Burkdoll presented a class of 17 seniors for graduation Sunday at Melvern.

USD 456 Board of Education Vice President Billie Jo Doty led the presentation of diplomas to: Addison Bialek, Logan Cox, Zackary Doty, Daniel Heslop, Valerie Johnston, Ryker Jordan, Steven Masenthin, Shay Neal, Abigail Phillips, Brian Ratcliff II, Lorraine Reeves, Brittany Scheer, Ariel Sonsteng, Christopher Sowers, Edward Traver, Miranda Wainwright, and Mary Rose Warner.

Deborah Stukey introduced the senior class and presented awards and scholarships. (See list below.)

Abigail Phillips was introduced as valedictorian of the class; Ariel Sonsteng was salutatorian.

Sponsor of the class of 2013 is Anna Moon-Bradley. Procession leaders were Ashleigh Beery and Jennifer Flewelling; candle lighters were Caleb Dickey and Isaac Lynn.

Darrel Finch is USD 456 superintendent and members of the board of education are Doty, Greg McCurdy, Mark Goodrich, Scott McCollom, Raylen Phelon, Karla Saffle, and Corinne Yockey.

2013 MdCV Awards and Scholarships

  • Citizenship Awards – Ariel Sonsteng, Zack Doty
  • Dale Dennis Excellence in Education Award – Zack Doty
  • Governor’s Scholar – Abigail Phillips
  • Community Service Awards – Mary Warner, Zack Doty, Valerie Johnston
  • Carol and Jessie Thurston Memorial – Mary Warner
  • Barb Kellum Memorial Scholarship – Mary Warner
  • MdCV Booster Club – Logan Cox, Ryker Jordan, Abigail Phillips, Mary Warner
  • Woodward, Belt, Heilmann, Arb American Legion and Auxiliary Scholarship – Mary Warner
  • Hometown Scholarship – Mary Warner, Ryker Jordan
  • Hometown Agriculture Scholarship – Logan Cox
  • FFA Alumni Scholarship – Chris Sowers, Valerie Johnston
  • Don Lichtenauer Family Scholarship – Logan Cox
  • Quenemo Alumni Association – Abigail Phillips
  • Wendell Allison Memorial – Logan Cox, Daniel Heslop, Valerie Johnston, Ryker Jordan, Abigail Phillips
  • William Lucas Memorial – Logan Cox, Abigail Phillips
  • R.E. French Family Educational Foundation – Logan Cox, Daniel Heslop, Abigail Phillips
  • Lawrence Lester McNabb Scholarship – Abigail Phillips
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