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County’s largest senior class graduates from Santa Fe Trail High School

The Santa Fe Trail High School community gathered Saturday to graduate the largest senior class in Osage County, with 88 students.

Salutatorian Kayla Courtwright told the gathering that the class was known as the “bad luck” class and she told of setbacks experienced by the students throughout the years. But by enduring the discouraging times, the class formed bonds that helped them move on with their lives, she said.

“We all share the memories and were part of the childhoods that laid the foundations for who we are as people,” said Courtwright. “We wouldn’t be here today without our fellow classmates, and we will take that knowledge with us as we start our journeys.

“Now it’s time to take the jump and find our own way to personal success and happiness.”

Valedictorian Jessica Arwine also noted as the class grew up together they helped each other grow.

“Let’s face it we are still young in the best way possible,” Arwine said.

She described graduation as a bittersweet event because the classmates will never again have the opportunity to learn life’s lessons together.

“It seems like I will be back in school on Monday and see all of you again, but it won’t be that way because we are going off for new adventures,” Arwine said. “We’re off to start our own lives and try to take everything we’ve learned from each other and put it to use.”

SFTHS Assistant Principal Patrick Graham presented the class for graduation, and Randy Boudeman, USD 434 Board of Education president, recognized the class.

As senior class sponsor Connie Lindell announced the graduates, SFTHS Principal David Swaim assisted board of education members Zac Anshutz, Dana Mentzer, Shandy Vollrath, and Boudeman in presenting diplomas.

Diplomas were presented to Garrett Abel, Kyle Almont, Jessica Arnwine, Bailee Bombardier, Amanda Boydston, Madeline Bradley, Cheyenne Brewer, Morgan Brown, Andrew Buchmeier, Sierra Burt, Sean Call, Morgan Cashier, Lane Clark, Dawson Colglazier, Kayla Courtwright, Breanna Craig, Michael Crook, Ryan David, Andrew Dennison, Lauren Erickson, Colin Ferrel, Rachael Forrestt, Sierra Franks, Shannon Funk, Kelsey Garrison, Dallas Gloss, Brandi Jo Gottschamer, Andrianna Gunnells, Brenden Hamit, Bethany Hand, Chelsea Harris, Dakota Hart, Christine Hawkins, Makenzie Herren, Doyle Hess Jr., Morgan Jolly, Trevor Jones, Shela Kelley, T.J. Kemble, Mackenzie Keylon, Danielle Kuney, Makayla LaMastres-Craig, Michaela Lira, Morgan Maxwell, Jessica McCoy, Kiersten Metzen, Ross Miner, Chelsea Moore, Raquel Morris, Sydney Morrison, Taylor Ostrander, Aleena Pagán, Maria Penrod, Josey Phillips, Rylan Piper, Chance Prim, Kaitlyn Reed, McKenna Reed, Austin Reser, Chance Richardson, Julia Richter, Kaleb Roberts, James Sage, Sara Schmidt, Hunter Schmutz, Evie Seastrom, Tyler Shaffer, Marie Souza Silva, Caleb Snyder, Emily Stephens, Caleb Stone, Stephan Suttles, Brenna Swisher, Emily Tappan, Tyler Thornton, William Tidball, Mason Tillman, Holly Ullery, Kristopher Ullery, Nathaniel Vice, Hailey Voorhies, Natasha Ward, Nathaniel Warren, Carissa Wells, Timothy Wilson II, Sarah Zachary, Joshua Zeller, and Wyatt Ziegler.

USD 434 superintendent is Steven Pegram. Lindell and Diana Hulings are senior class sponsors. Junior ushers were Chase Logan, Jessica Abendroth, Trevor Rosine and Erin Brady.

SFTHS scholarship recipients

  • SFT Educational Association – Morgan Cashier
  • Student Council Scholarships – Tyler Shaffer, Sara Schmidt, Makenzie Herren, Lauren Erickson and Morgan Jolly
  • Sons of American Legion Scholarship – Maria Penrod
  • Alfred D. Herlan Golf Scholarship – Chelsea Moore and Tyler Shaffer
  • National Honor Society Scholarship – Maria Penrod and Chelsea Moore
  • Lynch Memorial Scholarships – Breanna Craig and Makenzie Herren
  • Overbrook Fidelis Club Scholarship – Chelsea Moore
  • Scranton Lions Club Scholarship- Trevor Jones
  • First Security Bank of Overbrook – Lauren Erickson
  • The Dr. James L. Ruble Jr/Kansas State Bank Scholarships – Breanna Craig and Maria Penrod
  • Betty Lee Memorial Scholarship – Makenzie Herren and Morgan Jolly
  • SFT Foundation Scholarships: Morris and Flossie Krouse-Waller, American Legion – Lauren Erickson and Breanna Craig
  • Overbook Family Dentistry – Michael Crook
  • Dean Tucker Family Scholarship – Jessica Arnwine and Kayla Courtwright
  • Overbrook Rotary Outstanding Boy and Girl nominees: Maria Penrod, Brenna Swisher, Lauren Erickson,
  • Josh Zeller, Dallas Gloss and Dawson Colglazier
  • State of Kansas Scholars – Kayla Courtwright, Breanna Craig, Lauren Erickson, Chelsea Moore and Maria Penrod
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