Vintage plane crash lands after takeoff at Osage City

A biplane sits on its belly in an open field in Osage City after losing its landing gear during a crash landing.

A pilot and his passenger walked away from a crash landing of a vintage bi-wing airplane near Osage City Thursday.

According to a Kansas Highway Patrol report, pilot Nathaniel H. Perlman, 38, Ft. Worth, Texas, had just taken off from Osage City Airport in the 1942 Boeing single-engine fixed-wing biplane around 3:30 p.m. April 28, 2016, when the plane lost power. The pilot made an emergency landing in an open field near 1626 Brant St., inside the city limits of Osage City. KHP reported that when the plane landed, the ground was muddy, causing landing gear to become stuck and break off. The plane came to rest facing north.

Perlman and the plane’s passenger, Raymond J. Lallo Jr., 52, Ft. Carson, Colo., were both reported as uninjured by KHP, although the Osage City Police Department reported the Perlman and Lallo received minor scrapes. Both were reported to be wearing safety restraints at the time of the accident.

KHP reported damage to the plane consisted of landing gear broken off of the fuselage. The plane was removed by the National Transportation Safety Board.


An Osage City Police Department photo shows the crash landing’s proximity to trees, residences and other structures inside the city limits of Osage City.

Photos thanks to Osage City Police Department.

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