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A Cowboy’s Faith: Locked Doors Defeat Purpose

“Church locked. God is on vacation.”buchmanhead

There aren’t any signs posted, but many churches bolt their doors shut. We’ve expressed our opposition to that before to no avail, obviously, as more churches are being locked; some opened only for a few minutes a week.

Reminder hits closest to home every Sunday night at 9 o’clock when we complete our Holy Hour of Adoration. As we step outside, the church door clicks locked, as it has been adjusted to do by the ones in charge.

Like many others, sadly, sometimes we just go along with the “locking philosophy of the majority,” much to the Man-Upstairs’ belittlement, we suspect. But, a note in last week’s church bulletin brought us back to our senses.

Our sister church, which has always been left unlocked most pleasing to the One honored, is “going to be locked in the future due to vandalism.”

Does that mean somebody, even the guiltiest, should be locked out? Churches are a public place, in our opinion, and should be just that: “Open to everyone.”

Oh, “they were molesting the tabernacle that houses the  body of Christ,” was the reply.  Of course that’s not right, but vandalism is not uncommon, and we are not in any way condoning it at any time, or  misuse or abuse of a church or any other facilities.

Yet, those who need it most, although that seems hypocritical to make such a statement,  are “locked out.” That just can’t be right.

If somebody wants to go into the church, whether to pray, for adoration, use the facilities, take a nap, warm up, cool down, or just be there, it should be open. We’ve done them all, and feel we and everybody should have that opportunity, even if sometimes the privilege is abused by a few.

No God is not on vacation, and His house of worship still should never be locked.

Reminds us of Elijah in First Kings 18:27: “Call a little louder, maybe He’s on vacation.” However, like us, John 20:27: “They saw with surprise that the doors were locked.” Thankfully, John 20:26: “Jesus came, though the doors were locked, and said, ‘Peace to you.’” And, Second Chronicles 29:3: “He opened the doors of the house of the Lord.” Most importantly, Job 31:34: “My doors were always open to travelers.”

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